Preschool Readiness

5 Homeschool Tools for Your Preschool Classroom

Various tools are needed to enrich your children’s learning. These resources can be practical, allowing you to plan your kids’ weekly schedule. They can also be fun, combining play with learning. Popular homeschooling tools can serve a dual purpose as well. They can also be used in a preschool classroom, making them practical for homeschool parents and preschool teachers alike. Here are five homeschool tools for your preschool classroom that you can also use in...

Reading Before Writing

Learning to read should be an adventure for kids. It’s so important to foster a love of reading even before they start formal schoolwork. That’s why you should focus on teaching reading BEFORE writing. There are so many ways you can teach your students to read, all without needing them to pick up a pencil for writing. (more…)

Is My Child Ready for Preschool? Developmental Signs Made Easy

Preschool is an important benchmark in a kid’s life. Not only do preschoolers learn their letters, numbers, and how to write their names, but they also get the opportunity to interact socially with their peers. The combination of educational and social growth that happens in preschool makes it a positive growth experience for many kids. But how do you know if your child is ready for this step? Here are 5 developmental signs that will...