Farm Preschool Printables

Use our farm printables for a fun thematic unit in your preschool classroom. Children love to learn all about animals and these resources will help you round out your lesson.  Consider planning a field trip to your local dairy farm as often there are group activities for children to see the farm to table process.  For extra fun try making butter from heavy whipping cream (baby food jar, marble, and cream then shake….shake…shake all day!)

Farm Animal Photo Wordwall Cards

A great set of full color photographs of farm animals and farm life. Use these printable cards to build vocabulary and recognition.

Baby Farm Animal Color & Learn Pages

A set of seven different color and learn pages, each featuring a baby farm animal, foot prints, and facts for children to learn. These are great for small bits of learning and you can read the facts as your child colors.

Baby Farm Animals Matching Game

This is a cute set of printable animal Mommies and Babies. You can use these as a simple matching game, or have children color in their own set for a farm life college.

Fruit & Vegetable Matching Game

This is a free fruit and vegetable matching game that will go perfectly with your preschool farm theme. Students match the lotto cards to their board.

Pig Shape Mazes for Preschoolers

Students follow the shapes through the maze to bring the Mama Pig to the Baby pig. These free mazes build key logic skills.

Farm Bingo Cards

A set of six different bingo cards depicting farm life and farm animals. These sheets print two to a page with a 4×4 grid, just the right size for preschoolers. Print one extra page for calling cards.

Make Way for Ducklings Sensory Slime

Make Way for Ducklings makes a wonderful read aloud for your preschool students and lends itself well to some darling and fun activities… like Duck Pond Slime!

Who Lives on a Farm?

Children love to paint with their hands! Use these printables sheets to encourage children to add in their favorite farm animals. This would be great for some Ed Emberly Fingerprint Animals!

Five Little Ducks Printables & Activities

Preschool students love the 5 little ducks song and it’s perfect for learning around the springtime or during your farm preschool lessons.

Barn Size Sequencing Game

This is a printable sequencing game for children learning about different sizes.

Farm Animal Coloring Pages

A set of adorable farm animals in an easy cut and display format. Children can practice early handwriting skills by tracing the name of each

Down on the Farm Game

This game is available free on our sister site Children match the front half of the animals to the back half! My children have (literally) loved this game to pieces. I should have laminated it because it get’s so much use. I know your kiddos will enjoy it too!

Hungry Bunny File Folder Game

This is a cute counting file folder game with a farm theme. Children read the number printed on each bunny and give it the corresponding amount of carrots. Optional Idea: Use cut up plastic straws or orange pipe cleaners for small motor movements.


Jumbo Farm Animals from Learning Resources

  • Realistically detailed barn animals
  • Set of seven durable plastic animals
  • Horse measures 7 ½ x 10
  • Hours of imaginative play
  • Award Winner

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