Pumpkin Preschool Printables

Our free preschool pumpkin printables help you plan out your Fall learning centers and classroom activities. Use our science sampler and moldy pumpkin experiment worksheet to add some hands on fun in your classroom.  Take a trip to the pumpkin patch and bring back some amazing teaching tools you can use throughout your Autumn thematic unit. Extend this unit with our free Fall Leaf preschool printables.

Pumpkin Patch Shapes

These pumpkins are a bit misshapen, each one represents a unique shape. Children color each pumpkin in the pumpkin patchusing the shape color guide.

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Chart

This is a real photo set of the life cycle of a pumpkin. This includes a full color classroom chart or notebooking page as well as a set of sequencing cards for children to place into the correct order.

Pumpkin Tracing Worksheets

This is a free set of pumpkin shape tracing worksheets! Covers 10 different shapes with ideas for fine motor expansion.

Pumpkins & Gourds Matching

This full color photo matching game is great for young children! Featuring 24 different and colorful varieties, this game is sure to be a hit during your Fall unit.

Pumpkin Science Sampler

After choosing a pumpkin, guide children throgh these three pages of introspection. Children draw their pumpkin (or glue pumpkin seeds), discover colors in their pumpkin, describe it by size, texture, weight and more.

Parts of a Pumpkin Worksheet

This is a simplified cut and paste activity worksheet for students to label the parts of a pumpkin.

Parts of a Pumpkin Montessori Cards

Free printable set of parts of a pumpkin cards, worksheets, coloring pages and more.

Candy Pumpkin 10 Frame Board

This is a colorful activity mat for use with candy pumpkins. Children place pumpkins on the board to create addition equations, then move all pumpkins to the board to frame them.

P is for Pumpkin Handwriting Worksheet

A simple worksheet for children ready to begin handwriting. Four days of tracing and one day of trying the letter on their own. Includes a small picture to color, an easy read sentence and a sticker box.

Pumpkin Bump Game

This is a fun four in a row addition game. The first player rolls two dice and places a marker on the correct sum. The next player does the same…bumping another player off if there is already someone on that number. The first one to four in a row wins.

Pumpkins, Gourds & Squash Chart

A full color photo chart featuring different pumpkins, gourds and squash. This would be excellent to print alongside all the different pumpkins children come back to match up.

Moldy Pumpkin Experiment Worksheet

This is a simple worksheet for children to keep track of their scientific data during a moldy pumpkin experiment. Place a small slice of pumpkin in a dish then keep track of what grows. Each day children draw what they see in the petri dish.

Pumpkin Art Template

This thick black line template would be perfect to use as an art project with your little ones. Consider using oil pastels for vibrant Fall colors

P is for Pumpkin Worksheet

P is for Pumpkin with this simple handwriting and coloring excercise. Children can draw in faces for each of the three pumpkins.

Picking Pumpkins File Folder Game

This is counting game. Children use coins or pumpkin seeds to count the correct amount and pay for the pumpkin’s they’ve “picked.”

Pumpkin Patch Math Game

This is a simple file folder game for children working on visual discrimination. Each pumpkin features two different colors for children to match, making it slightly more difficult than a single color matching game

P is for Pumpkin Quilt Square

A handwriting, coloring and cutting exercise for young children. Each child designs their own pumpkin then cuts them out. Teacher can arrange all the children’s pumpkins into a classroom wall quilt for a fun display.

Pumpkin Cut & Paste Activity

This is a simple cut and paste activity. Children cut out the three shapes and glue them onto their pumpkin. Then draw in their own pumpkin grin.

Pumpkin Art Template

This is a large pumpkin template for you to use with your art class. Marble painting, sponge painting, texture rubbing, finger painting would all be great for a beautiful fall pumpkin!

Fall Welcome Sign Coloring Page

A colorful welcome sign you can print and hang up in your classroom. Also a coloring page for children to decorate one for their own home. You could even show them the color version for ideas on how to color it.

Pumpkin Sequencing Game

Print these pumpkins onto cardstock and lamniate for durability. Children order them by size, smallest to largest then largest to smallest.

Pumpkins & Gourds Matching

A simple photo matching game featuring a variety of different colorful pumpkins and gourds.

Pumpkin Seedling Seed Growth

These plant life cycle cards show progression from seed to seedling. Children order the different stages of the seed as roots form and the seedling emerges.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Printables

These pumpkin life cycle cards are perfect for children who are learning about plants and food. Children arrange the six photo cards in the proper order from seed to fruit to show the stages of a pumpkin.

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