Shape Tracing Worksheets

Shape tracing worksheets are a wonderful, hands-on tool for multiple ages. Teachers and homeschool moms can use traceable sheets for preschoolers, but they are also handy for toddlers and even kindergartners. Plus, with these convenient digital formats, it’s easy to store on your device and print when ready which saves space for your classroom.

If you are looking for a simple, low-prep program to teach your student about shapes, be sure to check out this video of our Shape of the Week Curriculum.

Why Tracing is Important

There are so many benefits to tracing for young kids. These practical printables for shapes like triangles, octagons, hexagons, circles and more can help develop fine motor skills, build drawing abilities, and prepare your child for the next step: writing!

In addition, pre-writing skills are essential for many reasons. It builds small muscle strength which helps your child hold a pencil easily. Plus, practicing the tracing of shapes encompasses pencil strokes that cover most letters and numbers strokes.

When to Begin Tracing

Even at the young age of two, your child can start practicing straight lines and possibility curves. As they turn three, try giving them worksheets to practice more difficult shapes. And, as they master their shapes, they can move onto letters and numbers!

Reusable Tracing Printables

Also, if you’d like to save on paper, try making erasable tracing sheets. It’s actually very simple to do. Get a laminator and laminate the shape tracing worksheets. Find some whiteboard markers for your child so they can easily erase their ‘masterpieces’ over and over again!

These free printable shapes worksheets are so versatile — you can even use them to practice small motor cutting skills using safe scissors. Or, they can try coloring the shapes and cut them out to glue onto construction paper for display! The possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity with your precious preschoolers!

Free Tracing Worksheets: Shapes

Now let’s get to the fun part. These free and adorable shape sheets are easy to print and kids won’t even notice they are learning! You’ll find practically every shape including circles, diamonds, squares, ovals, rectangles, octagons, hexagons, pentagons, trapezoids, and triangles. Choose all or some, it’s what works for you best, my friends!

Shape Tracing Circle Worksheet

It's so much fun to teach kids how to write using this valuable Shape Tracing Circle Worksheet!

Shape Tracing Diamond Worksheet

Teaching writing and tracing skills couldn't be easier using this fun and engaging Shape Tracing Diamond Worksheet!

Shape Tracing Hexagon Worksheet

Use this wonderful tool 6 sided Shape Tracing Hexagon Worksheet to teach your child fine motor skills!

Shape Tracing Octagon Worksheet

Make learning fun with your preschoolers while teaching fine motor skills using this 'stop sign' octagon shape style sheets!

Shape Tracing Oval Worksheet

Teaching toddlers and preschoolers how to write is super easy with this traceable and cutting tool Oval Worksheet printable.

Shape Tracing Pentagon Worksheet

Your young student will learn and grow practicing their tracing and writing skills with this wonderful Shape Trace Pentagon downloadable file!

Shape Tracing Rectangle Worksheet

Using reusable printables are perfect for teaching pertinent skills like tracing and writing -- try this fun printable for tracing the Rectangle shape with your young ones!

Shape Tracing Square Worksheet

Download this fun and versatile square sheet for extra fine motor skills practice! Your students can work on tracing and even cutting all at the same time!

Shape Tracing Trapezoid Worksheet

Grab this Trapezoid Tracing Worksheet you can print for your young students to practice tracing and writing skills!

Shape Tracing Triangle Worksheet

This Shape Trace Triangle worksheet is perfect for teaching how to draw the three sided Triangle using the tracing method!

Need more shape based activities? Try these wonderful and low-prep resources included in our Shape of the Week program.