Butterfly Preschool Printables

Our butterfly resources are a beautiful addition to your thematic unit. You’ll find free printable butterfly life cycle charts, minibooks, sequencing cards, coloring pages, classroom projects and more!  Learning about life cycles is a great way to jump-start some hands-on learning in the classroom.  I highly recommend bringing in live caterpillars to study and learn from during your unit study. Use our Free Butterfly Theme Calendar to start planning your unit.

Additionally, our free butterfly template is very versitle and can be used for a variety of preschool butterfly crafts and fine motor activities.

Butterfly Coloring Pages

From caterpillar to butterfly, these free butterfly coloring sheets are fantastic for preschool students.

Butterfly Template: Art Project for Kids

Print this free butterfly template and create a stunning butterfly art project with your students.

Butterfly Worksheets

This is a set of free butterfly worksheets for students learning addition, subtractions, symmetry, and fine motor control.

Butterfly Printable

Free butterfly printables, worksheets, and activities for preschool learning.

Butterfly Bingo Game

If you are looking for a fun classroom game you can play with your homeschool or preschool students then we have just the game for you! Bingo games are great for end of the week activities, or anytime you need to settle children down to transition from one learning activity to the next.

Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheets

Learning about life cycles can be a wonderful opportunity for preschool students. This butterfly worksheet covers both fun & learning with simple activities.

How to Draw a Butterfly

Preschool students LOVE to learn how to draw different creatures! This step-by-step drawing worksheet guides even the youngest of learners to make a simple butterfly.

Butterfly Pin & Poke Activity Page

Build those fine motor muscles with our FREE Butterfly Pin and Poke activity worksheets. These are perfect for spring fine motor activities!

Butterfly Math Worksheet

This free printable butterfly math mat is a fun, thematic way to work on addition and subtraction with mini-erasers.

Butterfly Books for Preschool

Honestly, there are too many wonderful Butterfly books to list, but here are our top 10 picks for preschool!

Butterfly Template

Use this free printable butterfly template for a wide variety of crafts and learning opportunities. This simple template is great for preschoolers.

Butterfly Preschool Theme

Start your Butterfly Preschool Theme off on the right wing with this free butterfly preschool theme planner.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Wordwall Cards

A set of beautiful printables for children learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly. These make wonderfull wordwall cards, or even sequencing cards for center time activities.

Butterfly Counting Cards

A set of printable sequencing cards for children learning to count. Children can order the cards from 1-6 or match them to our number card printables.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Printable Chart

This is a beautiful printable chart showing children the life cycle of a butterfly. From egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, then butterfly children can use these charts in their butterfly notebooks.

Butterfly Memory Match Cards

An easy cut set of butterfly memory match cards. Print two sets and laminate for durability. Includes real photographs of six

Butterfly Life Cycle Sequencing Cards

This is a colorful set of sequencing cards for children learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. These are great for center time activities, or for take home cards.

Butterfly Life Cycle Bulletin Board Set

A large set of printable butterfly life cycle cards. These charts are large enough to hang around the classroom or to use during circle time activities. Mount to colored construction paper and cut out paper arrows to create your own butterfly life cycle bulletin board for your classroom.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Coloring Page & Worksheets

Find free butterfly life cycle coloring pages and worksheets at HomeschoolClipart.com

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Bookmarks

These bookmarks take children through the life cycle of a butterfly from egg, to caterpillar, chrysalis, and finally butterfly

Butterfly Facts Game

This is a cute butterfly file folder game to wrap up your thematic unit. Children roll the die and move around the board. Each time they land, draw a card from the pile. If it's a bonus card, count the number of butterflies and move the same amount of spots as a bonus. If it's a fact card, read the card with your child and let them keep the card till the end.

Butterfly Colors Game

This is a printable file folder game for children working on color recognition. Children can help the butterflies find the correct flower.

Butterfly Coloring Pages

Each coloring pages is 6x6 and just the right size to decorate your bulletin board. Children can also practice tracing the letter Bb on their

DIY Butterfly Life Cycle Stamps

Make your own set of classroom stamps featuring the different stages of the butterfly life cycle


Order a Live Butterfly Kit

Every year we host a handful of painted lady butterflies in our homeschool classroom and we’ve seen their offspring return to our yard in the subsequent years.  It really makes for a lasting life lesson for children of all ages, not to mention the smiles it brings to their faces!

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