Letter Tracing Worksheets

Free letter tracing worksheets for learning uppercase and lowercase letters. These big letter printable templates include uppercase, lowercase, and both cases letter templates. These preschool alphabet templates are designed to keep your kids happy and having fun while learning critical preschool skills including letter formation, stroke order, and correctly holding a pencil. Each activity sheet includes multiple ideas and activities for hands-on alphabet fun!

Alphabet Tracing Printables

What’s so special about letter formation worksheets? Well, let me tell ya. Tracing letters have so many cognitive benefits. Initially, when a child is first learning how to hold a pencil and stroke order, tracing significantly improves students’ pre-writing skills. This, in turn, gives them the confidence to keep practicing, ultimately leading them to write letters independently with excitement and assurance.

Alphabet Lowercase Letter Tracing Worksheets

Students will love our Rainbow Write Letter Worksheets for lowercase. These preschool worksheets are designed to teach kids how to properly and easily write all 26 letters of the alphabet.

ABC Uppercase Letter Tracing Worksheets

Students will learn how to write uppercase ABC letters with our Rainbow Write Letter Worksheets! These preschool worksheets are uniquely designed to focus solely on mastering the formation of each letter.

Upper & Lower Case Letters Tracing Worksheets

Our Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Trace and Write worksheets are free and fun to use for kids learning how to write all letters of the alphabet. Students will exercise their fine motor skills while mastering writing skills.

*Clipart designed by Rainbow Sprinkle Studio, Kari Bolt, KTD Fonts

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