5 Homeschool Tools for Your Preschool Classroom

Various tools are needed to enrich your children’s learning. These resources can be practical, allowing you to plan your kids’ weekly schedule. They can also be fun, combining play with learning. Popular homeschooling tools can serve a dual purpose as well. They can also be used in a preschool classroom, making them practical for homeschool parents and preschool teachers alike. Here are five homeschool tools for your preschool classroom that you can also use in a preschool classroom.

1. Lesson Plan & Record Book

When teaching kids, you need to be organized. You need to plan your weekly lessons, record grades, and take attendance for your preschoolers. This lesson plan and record book is the perfect homeschool tool for your preschool classroom! Not only does it have a fun and colorful pattern, it’s also very practical for both homeschool families and preschool teachers.

2. MathMagnets

Hands-on tools are exactly what preschoolers need to learn. These MathMagnets are the perfect homeschool tool to teach numbers to preschoolers. They can be organized on a refrigerator or on a cookie sheet. Kids will love learning their numbers with this kit.

3. AlphaMagnets

In addition to learning numbers, preschoolers can learn letters with this AlphaMagnets set. Homeschooled kids and preschool students alike will love identifying letters and arranging magnets into words. Not only is this homeschool tool a must-have at home, it’s also perfect for the preschool classroom.


4. Do A Dot Art

Using art to teach young kids is very effective. You can use this wonderful homeschool tool at home or in the preschool classroom to get kids excited about learning. They can stamp dots in the shape of letters with Do A Dot Art. Another option is they can color in pictures. They can even create their names with this! What makes it even better is that it’s mess-free, so you don’t have to worry about messes in your home or your classroom.


5. Skoolzy Butterfly Garden

Math manipulatives are need both at home and in the classroom. That’s why the Skoolzy Butterfly Garden is such a wonderful tool. This homeschool tool can be used to help teach your preschooler how to count and sort. It also helps your young child develop their motor skills in addition to their counting and sorting skills. This can be used by a single child at home or by a group of kids in a preschool classroom.


Which of these homeschool tools for your preschool classroom would you like to use?

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