Fall Leaf Preschool Printables

Our Autumn resources help you plan out your leafy learning centers and classroom activities. Fall is a great time to sneak in some hands-on discovery, take a nature walk, and collect samples of God’s beautiful creation! On your nature walk point out the changes during the Autumn season, the colors of the leaves, squirrels busily collecting acorns, mushrooms, pinecones, and moss.  Here are some quick tips and resources you can pair alongside a Preschool Nature Walk.

Fall Leaf Photo Wordwall Printables

A set of printable word wall cards depicting photos of common leaves.

Fall Leaf Science Sampler

A set of science discovery printables you can use with children after a nature walk. This is a project that requires parent/teacher help.

Autumn Leaf Art Templates

These are huge leaf templates you can use in your classroom for your bulletin board displays or even art projects. Art Project: Print one per child on cardstock paper, pass out to children upside down (so that the leaf isn’t showing). encourage them to use their fall color blends….warm colors like Orange, red, yellow, add in some neutral brown…maybe even some splatter white. When dry, turn the paper over and show them the leaf shape. Cut out the shape and you’re left with a beautiful fall leaf.

Leaves Change Colors Sequencing Cards

These sequencing cards are great for childrn to learn about the changes and progression of leaves in the Fall. Use them as simple matching cards for younger children until they are ready.

Leaf Bingo Game

This bingo game has five different leaves and is a great way to aid children in learning the names of these popular leaves. It’s recommended that you print a large photo of each of the types for a calling card to show to children what leaf to look for. Six different boards, two per page.

Fall Leaf Chart Printable

A photo printable chart of different leaves and variations of leaves. This makes a great classroom chart or notebooking reference chart.

Leaves Change Colors Coloring Page

Three pictures of a maple leaf, each with coloring instructions for children. Color one green, one yellow and orange, and one red. These make fantastic classroom decorations when done with colored pencils or crayons.

Fall Leaf Coloring Pages & Handwriting

We have eight different leaves for our classroom quilt! Our quilt pages include a coloring page, handwriting practice and scissor practice. Print up enough leaves so that you’ll have a full collection on your bulletin board or pocket chart. You might even encourage children to make multiple colors of the same leaf

Fall Leaf Bookmarks

Beautiful photo bookmarks of different leaves! One set of the progression of a Maple leaf, and one set of leaf varieties.

Fall Leaves Fall File Folder Game

A file folder game for children to match the leaves to the correct outlines. As a suggestion it would be great fun if you made your own game by tracing real leaves on construction paper to make the outlines. However if you don’t have time or access to real leaves, this game is great to keep in your teacher secrets stash! Laminate the leaves for durability and it will also give them a nice shine.

ABC Falling Leaves Game

This is a simple letter recognition game! Children pick up a leaf, decide whether it is a Big uppercase letter or a Small lowercase letter, then place it into the correct pile. You can also use these leaves to design a uppercase/lowercase matching game

Fall Leaf Memory Matching Game

This is a set of memory matching cards children can use to play a game of concentration. Names of each leaf are listed.

Fall Leaf Pattern Squares

This is a simple pattern making game for young children. This would work perfect with a file folder game, mount the pattern cards to the file folder and cut out the leaves for playing pieces.

Fall Leaf Coloring Posters

Simple coloring posters you can use during art time in your preschool classroom. Featuring six different leaves, children can color and decorate with different mediums. ART TIP: Turn upside down, paint fall colors over the back, when dry cut out the leaf shapes

More Leaf File Folder Games

We have a varity of more free Fall leaf file folder games available on our sister site File Folder Fun. You’ll find maple color matching, raking even and odd leaves, acorn addition and acorn subtraction games.

Printable Art Cards

If you have children who are ready, these art cards are great for exploring different hues and blending colors. These are available on our sister site The Crafty Classroom.

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