Preschool Writing Prompts

This set of Free Preschool Copy & Write Worksheets helps teach children how to write their name, address, phone number, parent’s names, and emergency information. Each sheet includes a space to draw and color, as well as writing prompts for students to fill in with their specific information. Use these at the start of the year and hang them nearby for students to continue review each morning until they are memorized.

I Can Write My Name

A simple activity for preschoolers to write their first name, middle name, and last name. Write the name for your student to copy on the lines.

I Know Where I Live

A simple preschool writing prompt for children to learn to write the address. House number, street name, city name and state name.

I Know My Phone Number

This is another simple copy writing activity for preschoolers to learn their phone number. Children practice writing their mother’s name, father’s name and what to dial in an emergency.


Interactive Writing Proompts for Kindergarten

This fun, hands-on set includes 24-guided writing prompts for beginning writers. Students follow the instructions, choosing a word from the bank then writing their sentnece on the shape book.

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