ASL Worksheets for learning Sign Language Alphabet, Numbers, Beginning Letters and more! We have a great variety of free sign language worksheets for preschool students to practice their letter signs, object signs, counting, and numbers! Our ASL printables are great for fine motor, communication, reading, and math skills.

ASL Worksheets

ASL worksheets help your students with letter sign recognition, number sign recognition, and even phonics! Kids can discover their knowledge of sign language and sign letters, numbers, and objects with other students after completing all 26 worksheets. In addition, young ones will develop and build early communication skills and early speech development with our engaging free ASL worksheets.

ASL Printables

Students will not only practice their knowledge with signing letters, words, and numbers, but they’ll also have a blast coloring and signing to their fellow family members or students. Once kids color their papers, we suggest printing them out on cardstock and laminating to put on the wall or frig. In addition, these can be cut out as ASL flashcards and make a fun game as suggested in our ASL Letter Sheets!

ASL Worksheets ABC 123

Print all 18 ASL Worksheets today! This set is available for sale in our TPT store. Alternatively, you can print the individual pages below for free!

Sign Language Printables

We’ve included 18 pages of signing practice with 6 alphabet signs, 3 alphabet letters, 3 beginning sounds exercises, 3 counting signs, and 3 number signs. Check out our ASL Charts and ASL Number Charts for more ASL Printables!

ASL Letter Worksheets: ABC Signs

Free printable ASL letter chart for students practicing their alphabet sign language. Kids will enjoy seeing the fruit of learning all letter signs!

ASL Letter Worksheet: Alphabet Signs

Free ASL printables for students learning sign language. These are great exercises for early developmental skills and early communication skills.

ASL ABC Worksheets: ABC Signs

Kids will love figuring out what the sign is for 9 letters! They’ll develop fine motor skills signing and tracing uppercase letters and writing common words.

Sign Language Worksheets

ASL Alphabet Worksheet: Letters 

Our ASL flashcards come in quite handy as kids find out how well they know their sign language letters! What is the sign for letter G?

ASL Alphabet Worksheet: Letters 

Kids will spell better with these helpful aids in signing. Students will be equipped with communication and fine motor skills.

ASL Alphabet Worksheet: Letters 

These ASL printables allow students to thrive learning ‘American Sign Language’! Students will practice signing letters. Kids simply circle correct answers.

ASL Beginning Letter Sounds Worksheets

ASL Alphabet Worksheet: ABC Signs

Teach kids their sign language and use these sheets for practice. Students will figure out the beginner letter sign for each animal or object.

ASL Alphabet Worksheet: Signs

Teach kids word recognition while practicing sign language. Kids will choose the correct letter sign of the object’s beginning letter.

ASL Alphabet Worksheets: Letter Signs

Students develop key hands-on skills when learning ASL skills. Kids develop early communication skills and early speech development with our free ASL Color Charts!

ASL Alphabet Worksheet: Letter Sounds

These ASL worksheets contain beginning letter sound exercises for your little ones. Students will have fun figuring out which is the correct error.

ASL Alphabet Worksheet: Letter Sounds

What does pizza start with? Does your student know his sign letters? Kids can color and circle the correct answer in all 9 sections.

ASL Alphabet Worksheet: Letter Sounds

Students will enjoy coloring and collecting all 9 answers to these beginning letter sound exercises. Kids will enjoy figuring out the right sign.

ASL Numbers & Counting Worksheets

ASL Number Worksheet: Counting

If your kids know their number signs, try these 9 counting number exercises! Kids circle the correct answer in each session.

ASL Number Worksheet: Counting

Circle the correct sign with our counting numbers ASL printables! Kids will simply count the objects and circle the correct number sign.

ASL Alphabet Worksheet : Counting

What a great way to reinforce your child’s learning with these fingerspelling activities! Kids count objects and figure out which sign is correct.

ASL Number Worksheet: Number Signs

Teach kids how to number sign with our ASL Alphabet worksheets Students learn a variety of new skill sets as they complete each worksheet.

ASL Number Worksheet: Number Signs

Teach kids number sign recognition by reinforcing their knowledge of sign language. Kids can enjoy coloring each fun object as they complete each answer.

ASL Number Worksheet: Number Signs

Students practice a ton of new skill sets as they complete each worksheet including counting and signing with their hands!

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