Fine Motor Skills


Fine Motor activities are intentional in the building of small motor control muscles found inside our hands. Think of things like pencil control, grip strength…etc. These key muscles need development for future tasks such as writing, typing, tying shoes and other small motor movements that require fine precision. The skills required to perform these small muscle tasks are called fine motor skills.


Developing fine motor skills seems simple enough however, setting up a fine motor learning center in your classroom is more than just printing out a few handwriting worksheets and calling it good. Many students might not have the grip or control to properly form the letters, which can lead to frustration or bad habits. This is why it’s important to present students with many different fine motor activities that work a variety of muscles, building up the skills they will need in their kindergarten year.


At a young age, preschoolers need to begin building grip and control as well as hand-eye coordination. You’ll want to preset your student with a variety of different and fun activities, but don’t get too overwhelmed by the process. Setting up a learning center station doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are many Fine Motor Activity Packs available in our TPT store to help get you started! These packs cover tracing, pencil grip, handwriting, small motor movements, play-dough/manipulation, pincer grasp, cutting/pasting, prepositional movement, listening skills, sign language, and so much more!

Fine Motor Alphabet

Teaching the alphabet while working on fine motor skills is a great way to double the learning in preschool. These activities are designed to encourage letter recognition, letter formation, beginning letter sounds, and more.

Fine Motor Holidays & Seasons

Provide your students with an entire year of thematic, fine motor activities! These no-prep activity packs make your monthly lesson planning a snap. Each month, you’ll have over 60 hands-on, skill-building activities for your learning centers.

Fine Motor Task Cards

Task cards and fine motor skills go hand-in-hand with this growing collection of fine motor task cards. Each activity pack includes colorful task cards, and black and white follow-up worksheets and activities to expand learning.

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