Letter A Preschool Printables

Letter A worksheets and printables for preschool and kindergarten students. Our free letter A preschool printables cover important literacy skills and standards such as letter recognition, tracing, handwriting, ASL alphabet, uppercase and lowercase letter formation, and more! Below, we’ve also included blank letter A learning mats, beginning sound letter A coloring pages, letter A crafts, activities, and more.

Letter Worksheets

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Alphabet Curriculum Notebook

Learning the letter A is simple and fun with our free letter A teaching resources. If you’re looking for more try our 26-week home preschool Alphabet Curriculum, available in an instant download, so you can print and learn today!

Letter A

Free printable blank letter A worksheets and learning center mats. These big block letters are not only engaging, but they build letter recognition and fine motor skills too! Great for preschool learning centers with playdough mats, mini-erasers, dab & dot BINGO markers, and more. Try these alphabet learning center ideas for using these free letter printables. Find more ABC hands-on fun with our best-selling preschool Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle.

Uppercase Blank Letter A

This free printable uppercase letter A features a thick black outline of a bubble letter that is hollow for easy hands-on learning. Pair with your favorite learning center manipulatives for students to practice letter identification, letter formation, and tracing of the uppercase letter A.

Lowercase Blank Letter a

Simple and free lowercase bubble letter A printable you can use in your classroom. Featuring a simple handwriting print font, this lowercase letter A outline is in PDF format and ready to use with your preschool and kindergarten students.

Letter Aa Bubble Letter Outline

This free printable Letter A learning center mat will have your students working on uppercase and lowercase letter recognition for the letter A.

Letter A Preschool Worksheets

Students learning how to write the uppercase and lowercase letter A with these free printable letter A tracing worksheets. Each sheet shows students the proper letter formation with prompts to practice rainbow writing each letter. Provide your students with a rainbow of colors (crayons or even paint) and have them Rainbow Write the letter with each color. Stroke order and path are simple and easy to trace. Provide students with multiple colors, or even mini-erasers or manipulatives to follow the path. For more tracing fun, check out our Preschool Tracing Bundle.

Printable Letter A

Big Printable Uppercase Letter A. Preschool students can build important letter formation skills with these free printable letter tracing worksheets.

A-Z Uppercase Letter Printables

Letter A Printable

Big Printable Lowercase Letter a. This free printable letter A worksheet helps your student build important letter formation skills.

A-Z Lowercase Letter Printables

Letter Aa Printable

With this free printable alphabet tracing worksheet, your students will practice letter recognition, letter formation, and stroke order for uppercase and lowercase letter A.

A-Z Letter Formation Worksheets

Letter A Tracing Worksheets

Free printable letter A tracing worksheets for students to work on handwriting practice. Each preschool tracing worksheet features stroke order examples for letter formation, a warm-up tracing exercise, and ample tracing practice for both uppercase and lowercase letters. These free tracing worksheets are simple and easy for preschool and kindergarten.

Letter Tracing Worksheet A

This page instructs students on stroke order for the uppercase letter A. This free printable worksheet also has an apple to trace, and an alligator to color for extra practice on beginning letter sounds.

Uppercase Letter Tracing Worksheets

Letter Tracing Worksheet a

Learning the lowercase letter a is fun with our letter A tracing worksheet. Students learn the stroke order for the lowercase letter, trace a beginning letter picture, then put their handwriting skills into practice.

Lowercase Letter Tracing Worksheets

Letter A Coloring Pages

Free printable letter A coloring pages for preschool and kindergarten students. These thick black line, easy alphabet coloring pages are great for young learners to build letter recognition and beginning letter sound skills. If you love these pages, you can download an entire set of A-Z Animal Coloring Pages in our Color and Learn Bundle.

Letter A Coloring Page Uppercase

Students color the letter A alongside a beginning letter word. A is for apple and students can work on the short A sound.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

Letter A Coloring Page Lowercase

Preschool students work on letter formation and fine motor skills as they color the lowercase letter A. Long vowel sounds a is for ape.

Letter Coloring Pages

Letter A Bug Coloring Book

Create your own bug alphabet book with our fun and free letter printables! Your students will enjoy learning about a new creepy crawly for each letter of the alphabet. Students work on letter formation as well as scissor skills as they cut and paste each creature to a page.

A-Z Alphabet Bugs

Letter A Letter Recognition Worksheets

After introducing your preschool and kindergarten students to the uppercase and lowercase letter Aa, provide these printable activity pages where they can put their letter recognition skills to the test. For extra practice, call out a letter like “Lowercase n” and instruct students to color that fish orange. These are versatile sheets that will build important literacy skills while having fun!

Letter A Coloring Page

This free printable letter A coloring page is great for sneaking in a little educational fun! Your students will color the cute and engaging beginning letter doodles, then practice their letter formation with different colors. Students will trace the uppercase and lowercase letters, building key letter formation skills. They won’t even know they are learning.

A-Z Alphabet Coloring

Letter A Recognition Worksheet

Students help the animals fish for their dinner with this fun and free printable letter worksheet. Students build letter recognition and counting skills as they complete this fun and engaging activity. For additional practice, use these sheets as simple, following directions activities.

A-Z Letter Fishing Worksheets

Letter A Handwriting Worksheets

Once your preschool and kindergarten students have a clear understanding of letter recognition and basic letter formation, you can add in some additional handwriting practice. These printable tracing letter pages feature beginning letter sounds pictures for students to color. Be sure your students are ready for handwriting, by using our Preschool Tracing Worksheets, or our Pencil Control Bundle.

Letter A Handwriting Worksheet Uppercase

Preschool students work on beginning letter formation with this free uppercase alphabet handwriting worksheet. A beginning letter picture is provided as well as a sticker box for their best work.

ABC Letter Tracing Worksheets

Letter A Handwriting Worksheet Lowercase

Preschool students work on beginning letter formation with this free lowercase alphabet handwriting worksheet. A beginning letter picture is provided as well as a sticker box for their best work.

Letter Aa Handwriting Worksheet

Free Printable Letter A letter tracing worksheet to practice stroke formation and build letter formation skills. This worksheet features both big and little letters for students to trace and write on their own.

ASL Letter A Printables

Learning a new language is fun and simple with our free printable ASL alphabet charts, and worksheets. Use these to bring hands-on learning opportunities into your classroom. For more ASL fun, try our ASL Bundle where students can learn to sign animals, numbers, colors, and more!

ASL Letter A Alphabet Chart

Free printable ASL (American Sign Language) chart for the letter A. With these colorful, full-size ASL charts, your students will learn the sign language alphabet in no time!

A-Z Sign Language Charts

ASL Letter A Uppercase Worksheet

Students work on learning how to write an uppercase letter and to sign the letter A in ASL. This free printable worksheet is a great way to combine sign language with alphabet literacy and handwriting skills.

ASL ABC Worksheets

Letter A Crafts & Activity Pages

These free letter A printables feature fun activities for your students to complete. Each page works on multiple literacy skills, such as letter recognition, letter formation, visual discrimination, beginning letter sounds, and even drawing! For more fun, try our Alphabet Directed Drawing Worksheets.

A is for Alligator Craft

This fun and free alligator craft is just right for students to build key fine motor skills while having fun learning the alphabet! Finish out your unit on Letter A with this simple torn paper alphabet craft.

A-Z Alphabet Letter Crafts

Letter of the Day Worksheet Letter A a

Introduce your student to a new letter every day of the week with our free printable letter of the day worksheets. Students will work on letter recognition, letter tracing, letter writing, beginning letter words, letter order and more!

Letter of the Day Worksheets

Letter A Write & Find Worksheet

Students who are ready to begin forming letters on their own will appreciate this challenging worksheet that covers uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as letter recognition.

Animal Alphabet Worksheets

Letter A Preschool Printables

These free printable learning center mats are designed to provide your students with simple, hands-on, alphabet fun! Your preschool students will work on fine motor skills, letter recognition, and build important literacy confidence along the way.

Alphabet Letter A Learning Mat

These simple alphabet learning mats can be used with candy hearts or mini erasers. Students place each heart to fill the uppercase and lowercase letters, identify the hearts with the correct letter, and then move a heart to follow the line.

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