Alphabet Mat Printables

These free blank alphabet letter mats make look simple, but they are filled with possibility for your preschool classroom! Blank ABC letters can be filled with a variety of different small motor manipulatives, making them a fantastic secret weapon to pull from of your Super Teacher Toolbox! These boredom busters are not only fun and engaging, but they build letter recognition and fine motor skills too! For extended fun, print a set on colored cardstock and laminate them for reuse in a classroom setting.

Alphabet Learning Mats

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Here are 10 creative ways to use Blank Alphabet Mats:

1.Alphabet Dab & Dot

Students can use dab & dot markers to fill in the letters. Dab & Dot markers are like markers but at the end of them is a round surface that the paint comes out when pressed down. Children can create different patterns on the letters using Dab & Dot markers. HINT: Show children they can blend two colors by dabbing layers.

2.Alphabet Pom Poms

Pom-poms are a fun hands-on way for preschool age kids to practice learning and making the letters of the alphabet. This is a great way for children to strengthen fine motor skills, especially if you have them use tweezers to pick up and place the pom-poms. HINT: Have children place the poms in the correct stroke order for proper letter formation.

3.Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Playdough is a fun and interactive way for children to make letters. They are able to play around with Play-Doh all while learning the letters of the alphabet. Children strengthen their small motor muscles by rolling and shaping the dough into the correct shape. This activity builds estimation skills as children determine how long of a rope they will need to complete each letter.

4. Mini-Eraser Play Mats

Have you heard of mini-erasers? Teachers use them in their classrooms for small student rewards, but they can be used for many more classroom projects. In this case, students can use them to fill in their blank alphabet templates to make cute patterns.

5. Alphabet Blocks

Blocks are a fun and easy way for your child to learn each letter. Preschoolers can also practice making different patterns with the blocks. These particular blocks are square with different colors, making them just right for filling in our alphabet mats. You can try Legos, Cuisenaire blocks, pattern blocks, or any other block you might have on hand.

6. Alphabet Sticker Mats

Do you have any extra stickers lying around, maybe even a bunch leftover from a recent garage sale? Well, put them to use! Preschool kiddos love playing with stickers so dig them out of the junk drawer and have your preschooler use them to fill in these blank alphabet letters. There is lots of fine motor work peeling the backing off of individual stickers, and more as they carefully place them on the mat.

7. Alphabet Links

Keeping your preschool classroom stocked with engaging manipulatives is a great way to encourage some spontaneous learning. Links are inexpensive resources that you’ll want to have on hand. These links are fun to play with and even more fun to make letters out of. Your preschool student can use these links to create different letters by joining the links to form a chain.

8. Alphabet Popsicle Sticks

Mini-popsicle sticks are another great manipulative you can use to fill in these letter mats. These popsicle sticks come in a rainbow of colors are are about half the size of standard popsicle sticks. Their smaller size lends them the ability to be useful for making the uppercase the lowercase letters of the alphabet.

9. Alphabet Stamps

If you have a set of alphabet stamps available in your classroom, then this is another great way to fill up your blank letter mats. In fact, you can have students stamp the uppercase and the lowercase letters onto the correct letters.

Alphabet Tracing Mats

Use simple page protectors, or laminate the alphabet mats so they can be used with dry-erase markers, Students can practice stroke order and letter formation for all of the letters of the alphabet.

Free Alphabet Templates

These Alphabet templates are currently FREE for subscribers! Head over to grab this awesome freebie and while you’re there check out our Fine Motor Letter of the Week Bundle. It’s filled with hundreds of activities and resources you can use to build fine motor skills while learning the alphabet.

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    Amazing ideas! Thank you!

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  • Kathryn Miller Reply

    These are nice. Thanks for sharing and sharing ideas for how to use them.

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