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Are you ready to teach your preschooler or precocious child his or her first and last name?!! If they are in preschool, they are at the perfect age to get started. Or, maybe your child is frustrated with learning how to write his name independently?  I’ve got a great strategy for helping this first step in learning how to write — our Name Tracing Worksheets, or Editable Spelling Fine Motor Pack.

However, before I share with you this secret weapon on teaching how to spell first and last names, let’s talk about the importance of name recognition in preschool.

Importance of Name Recognition in Preschool

From an early age, a child hears his or hear name several times throughout the day. They learn it verbally, then in written form. They may see it on their own possessions like toys or inside books etc.

It’s the most important word they hear as they associate it with themselves. Mom wants to see me, it’s time for lunch, let’s go to Grandma’s. All of these thoughts are flooding their mind — it’s associated with love and affection. And, of course, they LOVE to hear their own name as they feel important and it provides a special meaning to them.

When Should a Child Learn to Write their Name?

Typically, most children learn to recognize letters in general by ages 3 or 4. And, it’s most likely going to be their own name first. In other words, preschool is a great time to teach and practice first and last names.

Best Way to Teach Writing First and Last Name

At around three or four years of age, you can encourage your child to write their name using a variety of materials. With our Name Tracing Worksheets, it’s super easy to get started. Everything you need is provided for you in a simple, low prep way.

Our Editable Name Tracing Worksheets or Editable Spelling Pack is the perfect solution to practicing writing names! In addition, when your child is ready, he or she can also practice spelling sight words, spelling lists, or even names, while building key fine motor skills. Our Editable Spelling Pack grows with your child(ren)!

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Download and open the Editable Spelling Pack from the email.
  2. Simply TYPE in the word you want your student to practice. In this case, write his first name. Magically, it will AUTO FILL the word into 10 hands-on activity mats. Yes, that’s right — there are several hands-on activities that is guaranteed to help your child write his name successfully!
  3. Have fun with your child! As he or she gets creative, talk about the name of the letter along with the sound it makes. You could even through in some simple words they already know.

It’s also the perfect solution especially if you are looking for an online spelling program. And, the best part, you won’t need to be online to use it once you download it! Grab a device and use it in the car while traveling, taking the older kids to soccer, or waiting for their sibling to finish piano lessons.

Here are some innovative ideas your student will use to help learn to spell their own name with editable name tracing sheets:

  • Playdough
  • Letter magnets
  • Snap cubes,
  • Bricks
  • Pattern blocks
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • ASL or sign language

This Name Tracing Worksheet set is absolutely amazing for first and last names, spelling, sight word of the week programs, and you can even plug in your own list of words for extra practice.  The possibilities are endless, and remember, this can be used in the future as they mature in their spelling skills.

Get started today on creating your own spelling printables with our name changing fine motor spelling worksheets!

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