Monster Preschool Printables

These monsters are happy and silly, not too scary for your little ones to play with! Our monster printables help children learn their alphabet, numbers, and sizes.

Monster Books for Preschoolers:

Monster Counting Mats

These silly monsters need help with their EYES! Use this set of fun and free monster counting mats to build counting and fine motor skills.

Monster Colors Play Dough Mats

These Monsters are ready to play! Students use playdough and letter stamps to practice spelling color words.

Roll & Add Monster Math Mat

This is a fun and free Monster themed math learning center! Students roll & add monster teeth (candy corn) to the mat.

Number Sense Game Mats

This engaging math learning center helps children identify different presentations of numbers (tally marks, ten frame, number words, blocks, dice, etc…) as they FEED the hungry number monsters!

Monsters Make 10 Charts & Games

A simple make ten chart and worksheet featuring colorful and friendly monsters. These would make wonderful classroom charts and are available free on our sister site.

Monster Play Dough Mats

Free Monster Theme Playdough Mats for children to learn their color words. Use with colorful playdough for a fun learning center.

Monster Number Cards

This is a set of printable counting cards from 0-5. Children count the monsters on each card, then match it to the correct number.

Monster Sequencing Game

Children can work on size classification skills by ordering these monsters from smallest to largest, monsters then build your way up to the entire set.

Monster Numbers Bookmark

Children will love to count the monsters on their very own bookmark! Print on cardstock then laminate for durability

Monster ABC Minibook

This is a cute little monsters minibook. Children can take the monster alphabet home with them for extra practice!

Monster ABC Tracing Page

Children can practice their Upper and Lowercase letters with this thematic monster tracing page.

Monster Matching Game

A simple matching game for your center activities. Or print one up for each child to take home with them. Print two pages per game, laminate for concentration

Silly Monster Coloring Pages

We have a set of 13 different silly monster coloring pages! Each page is part of a 6×6 square classroom bulletin board!

Monster Mommies File Folder Game

Oh No! These monster mommies have lost their babies! Help them find them all by matching the little monster babies to the correct monster mommy!

Monster Manners File Folder Game

This game is a FAVORITE of many children! Each monster has something to say and children decide whether the monster has good manners or bad manners! You will need to read these with the chilren. Game is available on our sister site

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    i love your website. great ideas

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    This site is great!!! I love it…so much stuff that can help kids learn…

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    I love your website . I have used some of the free printables in my classroom and my students loved them.

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    These ideas are awesome thank you so much! I’m going to use some of your free printables to teach manners to our students!

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