Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

The key to a successful preschool home setting or classroom includes several hands-on fine motor skills activities preschoolers. With this multi-sensory approach to learning, young children will retain more knowledge while having fun doing it! And, that’s why we continue to grow our Fine Motor ABC bundles to include small movement activities for preschoolers.

Fine Motor Alphabet Activities

A great example for building essential preschool skills is included in our popular and affordable fine motor control bundle. Preschoolers can practice stroke order and direction by using the Fine Motor Alphabet: Dip & Dot Q-Tip Painting with Letter Stroke Formation! This heavy handful includes the entire uppercase and lowercase alphabet on 26 adorable black and white pages of alphabet activity mats.

Fine Motor Alphabet Mats:

Wondering what this “dip and dot” approach is all about? Once you print the worksheets, you’ll find a helpful letter formation guide showing step by step strokes per letter. Next, you’ll discover sequential dot placeholders for your young students to dip and paint.

And, the best part is wonderful for busy moms — this activity requires only two materials — paint and QTips! You may just have these two craft supplies right in your home or classroom. With a little guidance, your preschooler will carefully dip the tip of the cotton swab into the paint to pick up just enough to dab with.

Make sure you also show them to follow the stroke order when writing the letters. They’ll need to dot the letters in the correct stroke order. Finally, your students will fill in the picture with a beautiful array of colors. 

Simple Fine Motor Activities

On a busy day, these fine motor mats go well with your hectic schedule. I know what you’re thinking, paint is messy! However, it can be a quick clean up with these simple suggestions.

Print the fine motor skill worksheets (card stock recommended) and grab the two dip and dot materials: paint and Q Tips. For easy clean up, throw newspaper, disposable tablecloth or old bed sheet on a table and you’re ready to go.

Even if it’s nice outside, this activity would be perfect on a picnic or kids table to reduce messy clean up and spills. Yet, if the weather doesn’t cooperate with rain or snow, you’ll be relieved to hear good news!

With this activity readily available for a quick print, it’s guaranteed to eliminate boredom and of course, mischief! And, don’t forget, it makes a great keepsake or refrigerator masterpiece.

Fine Motor Letter of Week Packet

If you would like to continue building their fine motor skill activities, this pack is perfect for Fine Motor Letter of the Week Pages. It’s over 260 pages of low prep resources for teaching children the alphabet with hands-on activities. Children work on letter sounds, beginning letter words, cutting & pasting, mazes, sight words, brick building, painting, geoboards and so much more!

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