Ocean Preschool Printables

Learning about Ocean animals can be so much fun for your preschool children.  With all the amazing creatures you can really divide this theme into climates or specific oceans of the world.

Reusable Habitat Sticker Pads are great in the classroom!  Children can create and recreate scenes by placing the animals into the correct habitat; Ocean, Farm, Prehistoric, Rainforest and more

Ocean Animal Coloring Pages

26 Sea Creature Coloring Pages for creative coloring and writing new words A-Z plus learn fun facts about our swimming creatures. These are wonderful pages for practicing fine motor and concentration while learning ocean animals trivia.

Ocean Life Wordwall Cards

A beautiful set of printable wordwall cards, featuring colorful photographs of different aquatic animals. Featuring 16 different creatures!

Ocean Memory Match Cards

This is a great set of Ocean animal matching cards. Featuring beautiful, real photographs of aquatic life. These are great for picture recognition or even simple concentration games.

Ocean Life Bingo Game

Finish up your Ocean unit with a fun bingo game! Print one extra set for calling cards.

Jellyfish Size Sequencing Game

This is a fun game for children working on size practice ordering from smallest to largest and then largest to smallest. For younger children start with three jellyfish, and slowly add in different sizes.

Jellyfish Color Matching Game

This is a fun colorful matching game for recognition. Print two sets and laminate for durability. Play as a matching game.

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    I was wondering if you have an ocean animal poster and a zoo/wild animal poster?

    Thanks Rachael

    May 13, 2020 at 8:12 pm

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