Transportation Preschool Printables

This page is filled with printable resources with a transportation theme.  We’ve got some great coloring pages, wordwall cards, cut and paste activities, bingo games, and more.  One of my children’s favorite books is called “I Stink” and it takes them through the daily routine of a garbage truck!  It’s filled with tons of silliness and I would highly recommend this book during your Transportation unit.

Transportation Wordwall Cards

A set of photograph word wall cards featuring different forms of transportation. These cards are great for matching games, building vocabulary and more.

Transportation Coloring Page Quilt

Featuring 12 different coloring pages, each with handwriting practice options. All of our coloring pages have easy cut squares so you can arrange them into the shape of a quilt on your bulletin board.

Print & Drive Number Formation Mats

This is a fantastic free set of Number Rhyme charts with a transportation theme. Children can drive their toy cars, trucks, and planes along each number while following the fun rhyming number formation.

Transportation Bingo Game

Children learn so much quicker when they are having fun! Play our transportation bingo game to aid with visual recognition of some popular forms of transportation.

Colorful Boat Matching Game

This is a simple matching game featuring different colors and patterns. Print up two sets of each page, laminate for durability.

Transportation Memory Match

A set of printables children can use to play a matching game. Features a submarine, boat, hot air balloon, airplane, car and truck.

Silly Transportation Drawing

What is the Hot Air Balloon carrying? Children complete the picture with their own drawing. Help them brainstorm some silly things that you would never see up in a hot air balloon.

Transportation Cut & Paste Activity

This is a simple cut and paste activity. Children cut out the different forms of transportation and glue them into the correct position on the board.

Silly Airplane Coloring Page

Finish the picture by decorating the airplane and adding your own silly pilot. These would also make cute bulletin board displays with silly pictures of your students.

Classroom Train Craft

These printables are great for a Classroom Train Bulletin Board! Each child fills their boxcar with
something silly for the train to carry. Includes a locomotive and a caboose. This is a great way to learn the parts of a train while creating something creative for your classroom.

Ten Commandments Train Craft

We’ve got a great craft on our sister site that you could tie in with your transportation theme. This ten commandment train craft takes children through each of the commandments written on boxcars.

Transportation Theme Bible Lesson

We’ve also got some great Bible Preschool lessons with a transportation theme on our sister site PreschoolPost.

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    I like the shape & numbers with the transportation picture ! thanks

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    This is awesome!!!!!

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    These are great resources and even better that you have made them downloadable for free 🙂 Thanx

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    Thank you! A great resource!

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    This website ( is great! I’m setting up a in – home preschool and this website’s topics are all very inspiring and the worksheets are all great and I love all of the resources and that most of the resources are FREE.

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