Sign Language Printables

Free Sign Language Printables and Teaching Resources for learning the ASL Alphabet, ASL Numbers and more! Our ASL printables include many activities for preschool students! We’ve created a variety of free and low cost teaching resources like ASL Charts, ASL Playdough Mats, ASL Worksheets, and even Games & Activities! Check out our Free Sign Language Printables below and be sure to take a look at our HUGE ASL Bundle for even more amazing signing activities.

ASL Preschool Printables

Why should your preschool students learn sign language? Sign language has so many benefits including spatial reasoning, communication skills, stronger cognitive abilities, and many others. All of these valuable skills lead to a huge boost in reading advantages. We’ve included many different subjects like alphabet letter recognition, reading, spelling, beginning letter sounds, number recognition, letter formation, colors, emotions, weather and more!

ASL Alphabet Charts

Our ASL Alphabet Charts are filled with hands-on activities including ASL Letter Signs, A-Z Uppercase Letters, and Lowercase Letters. These sign language printables are designed to delight and inspire young learners to practice various ways of communication. These no-prep ASL ABC pages are perfect for homeschool, preschool, and kindergarten.

ASL Number Charts

Our free printable sign language number charts will help your students recognize number signs, and build important counting skills along the way. Each chart features a colorful border, hand sign, number word, and a corresponding number of items to count. We’ve also created full-size number reference charts featuring all numbers 1-10 for students.

ASL Alphabet Worksheets

Our ASL Alphabet Worksheets are filled with hands-on activities including ASL Letter Signs, A-Z Uppercase Letters, and Words Tracing. These tracing and sign language printables are designed to delight young learners. You’ll love these no-prep ASL ABC pages for homeschool, preschool, and kindergarten.

ASL ABC & 123 Worksheets

These ASL Color Mats have a ton of fun activities for kids to engage in as they progress and develop their sign language skills. Kids can circle the correct answer by identifying the appropriate sign for each object, number, word, or letter. These are great no-prep pages filled for students who are homeschooled, virtual learning, or in the classroom.

ASL Emotion Play Dough Mats

These Emotion Playdough Printables are perfect for learning how to communicate their feelings whether sad, worried, angry, happy, silly or in love! Research has proven that adding the visual and kinesthetic elements (American Sign Language) to verbally communicate has helped tremendously in developing vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills for preschool-age kids.

ASL Sign Language Sight Words Mats

We’ve got 20 Sign Language Sight Word Mats that will not only teach sight words but also use sign language signs and letters to increase their retention dramatically with using most of their senses. All 40 Pre-Primer Dolch Words are included in this awesome pack filled with reading, writing, spelling, and signing subjects for preschool and kindergarten ages.

ASL Number Worksheets

Grab these ASL Numbers Worksheets for toddlers and preschoolers! Learning numbers in sign language or American Sign Language (ASL) is one of the best and fastest ways in learning a language! It’s also a great way to teach and understand the concept of numbers in Math.

ASL ABC & 123 Mazes

Our ASL ABC Mazes are perfect for homeschool, preschool, and kindergarten students! Need some fun and engaging exercises to keep kids learning and growing with our hands-on approach to ABCs and 123s? Download all 36 ASL ABC Puzzles for your kids!