Valentine’s Day Preschool Printables

Use our Valentine’s Day preschool printables for a fun thematic unit in your preschool classroom.  Below you’ll find Valentine’s Day Coloring pages, crafts, cards, games and more.  Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for children to experience the JOY of giving, as they create and distribute their Valentine’s day cards.

Valentine’s Day Math Activities for Preschool

Candy Heart Counting Mats

Free printable Valentine’s Day activities for Preschool and Kindergarten students. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in your preschool classroom is a blast with our free candy counting activity mats. This is a simple and fun way to add some hands-on learning to your preschool learning centers. If you’re looking for more hands-on fun, try our February Fine Motor Preschool Pack!

Valentine’s Day Number Mats

Students work on number recognition and number formation with hands-on activities! Each holiday activity mat features a number 1-10 to fill up with candy conversation hearts. This is a great way to build important number formation skills before students are able to write.

Love Bug Cut & Paste Valentines

This is an adorable set of printable Valentine’s Day cards your students can use to practice their cutting skills. Each Valentine is cut in a heart shape and features a cute Love Bug with a special Valentine’s Day message. Great for crafts and card making activities.

Valentine’s Day Love Bug Shapes

This is a simple shape identification activity page for preschool students. Students follow the guide to color each shape as directed, then give each of the love bugs some creepy, crawly feet.

Valentine Encouragement Cards

A special set of free printable cards you can give to your children around Valentine’s Day. Each card features an adorable animal with a special “punny” message. Write the child’s name in the heart or tape a small heart shaped chocolate as a treat.

Valentine Love Match (Make 10)

This is an adorable Valentine’s Day game for children learning number bonds. Children find the LOVE match for each animal by finding the number that will help them make 10. A follow up worksheet is provided for children to show what they know.

Valentine Color & Cut

These sweet woodland animals have have their Valentines ready for delivery. Children color then cut out the heart shape and use to decorate their own cards, or your classroom wall. Five different adorable animals for children to choose from.

Valentine Bump Game

Add a little fun to your preschool classroom with this Valentine BUMP game. Children roll a single die, count the number and put a space marker on the board….they can BUMP someone off if they are in the way! First one to get three in a row wins!

Valentine’s Day Cards for Boys!!

As a mom of three boys I know how hard it is to find cute, but boy friendly Valentine’s Day printables. These cards have been designed to appeal to your little men so they too can color to their hearts content!

Love Bug Math Pack

This set of adorable love bugs includes an addition and subtraction counting mat as well as four different follow up worksheets. Addends up to 5.

Valentine’s Day Love Bug Cards

Two adorable Love Bug Valentine’s Day Cards for children to color in. Print the size you need or mount to colored construction paper for an easy craft project for your little ones.

Valentine’s Day Memory Match

This is a simple matching game for children.Print up two sets on cardstock and laminate fordurability. Children play by matchingeach heart to the match.

Valentine Math: Graphing Candy Hearts

A free printable graphing worksheet you can laminate and reuse in your preschooler center. Children grab a handful of candy hearts, place them on the board, then count and graph how many of each color they found.

Monster Valentines Day Cards

These super silly Monsters are great for Valentine’s Day. Children can color four different Valentine’s Day cards each with their own silly message. Change your print setting to print smaller if needed.

Love Bugs Tracing Worksheet

Help these LOVE BUGS reach each other by tracing the paths. This is a fun way to build small motor control and correct pencil grip.

Valentine Maze

Help the gnome deliver his Valentine! The path is a bit windy and tricky so be sure to work through this heart maze together!

Beginning with L Game

This is a printable file folder game for childrenworking on beginning and ending letter sounds.Children look at the picture on the heart anddecide if it begins or ends with the letter L, then place it accordingly on the board.

Valentine’s Day Math Mat

Use this printable math mat for some Valentine’s Day fun! Use candy hearts or the printable numbers. This makes a great center time activity.

Heart Counting Cards

Printable counting cards are great for children who like hands on activities. Provide children with conversation hearts or cinnamon hearts to count with and instruct them to place the corresponding number of candies on each card.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Quilt

This is a set of 12 different Valentine’s Day coloring pages you can use to form a classroom quilt! Each page features a coloring page, handwriting tracing exercise, and an easy cut square for the quilt. A group projects in your classroom.

Alphabet Hearts Folder Game

Available free on our sister site, this game teaches children their upper and lowercase letters. Full color and ready to print and play.

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