How to Choose the Right Preschool Curriculum

As your child reaches school age, it begins a bittersweet journey to more independence! It’s exciting to examine all the learning tools and possibilities for your inquisitive,exploring child. Yet, the choices and decisions to make for your preschool child can be somewhat daunting! Here are 4 tips on how to choose the right preschool curriculum for your child! Early Childhood Education & Learning Styles Each child is prone to a particular learning style. The three typical learning...

Reading Before Writing

Learning to read should be an adventure for kids. It’s so important to foster a love of reading even before they start formal schoolwork. That’s why you should focus on teaching reading BEFORE writing. There are so many ways you can teach your students to read, all without needing them to pick up a pencil for writing. (more…)

The Perfect Products and Tips to Help Preschoolers with Pencil Grip

Writing is an important skill that kids learn during the preschool years. The writing form they develop early on will follow them throughout their education, making it vital to learn the correct pencil grip early on. Finding the right tools to help preschoolers with pencil grip can make this a fun skill for them to learn. Here are a few products and tips that can help! (more…)