The Perfect Products and Tips to Help Preschoolers with Pencil Grip

Writing is an important skill that kids learn during the preschool years. The writing form they develop early on will follow them throughout their education, making it vital to learn the correct pencil grip early on. Finding the right tools to help preschoolers with pencil grip can make this a fun skill for them to learn. Here are a few products and tips that can help!

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5 Products and Tips to Help Preschoolers with Pencil Grip

The following products come highly recommended by teachers and homeschool parents alike. They can make learning the correct pencil grip incredibly easy, and set your child up for a more comfortable and practical use of the pencil. Try these out, and help preschoolers with pencil grip steadiness!

1. Write-It-Right Writing Correction Claw

If you’re looking for a pencil grip that is perfect for preschoolers, the Writing Correction Claw from Write-It-Right is ideal. Not only is this grip the right size for little hands, it’s also a fun pattern so that kids will be excited to use it. It comes in varying sizes so that it’s easy to find the right fit each child.


2. Handwriting Without Tears Crayon Set

Preschoolers love to color, which is why it’s so important to have the right kind of crayons. The flip crayon set from Handwriting Without Tears is the perfect product to help preschoolers with their pencil grip. These crayons are shaped so that it’s easy for preschoolers to hold them correctly, while the 2-color design makes it easy for them to switch colors. Kids will have so much fun learning the write grip while they color!


3. Abilitations Egg Ohs! Handwriting Grips

Another great pencil grip for preschoolers is the egg-shaped grip from Abilitations Egg Ohs! This round grip slips onto a pencil so that kids curl their hand around it, properly holding the pencil. It comes in fun colors, too, making it a popular grip with preschoolers.


4. Fun and Function Handy Herbert Handwriting Glove

In addition to the proper pencil grip, it’s important to teach preschoolers a love of writing. The Handy Herbert handwriting glove by Fun and Function does both! Not only does this handwriting glove help kids hold a pencil correctly, it also looks like a puppet, making it fun to use.


5. Baumgartens Twist & Write Pencil

If you’re looking for an alternative to a grip that you slip on a pencil, you might want to consider the twist and write pencil. This is a fun pencil that is shaped to promote the right grip. Preschoolers love to use this tool as they learn to write!


There are so many products and tools available to help preschoolers develop the right pencil grip. These are just a few that can help with this important skill. Which of these products are you excited to use?

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