Easy Instructions on How to Draw a Butterfly

Butterflies are the perfect drawing subject when learning how to draw. Their wings alone hold a certain pattern that once mastered, it’s very easy to emulate.  Would you like some help on learning how to draw a butterfly step by step? Teachers and Homeschool Moms everywhere will appreciate these easy instructions on how to draw a butterfly!

How to Draw a Butterfly Step by Step

At first glance, butterflies may seem a bit difficult to teach preschoolers how to draw. Yet, your child can draw the perfect butterfly with very little effort. You just need the right tools!

You’ll be amazed how easy it is after you watch how to draw a Butterfly step by step. With my simple video tutorial below, it’s easy as 1-2-3! Plus, this downloadable FREE How to Draw a Butterfly Printable is a valuable incremental guide. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Download your FREE Butterfly Template

Download the FREE How to Draw a Butterfly Template and print a couple of copies for extra practice. It is likely your students will want to make multiple butterflies of all different sizes.

Step 2: Gather Writing Utensils

Choose your preferred method of drawing, whether it’s coloring pencils, crayons, or erasable markers. And, don’t forget to include a black marker, crayon, or pencil to trace the butterfly.

Step 3: Watch How to Draw a Butterfly Step by Step Tutorial

Watch the How to Draw a Butterfly Step by Step Video tutorial. Doesn’t it make drawing a butterfly so much easier?!!

Step 4: Show Child How to Draw a Butterfly

Now it’s time to show your child how he or she can draw a butterfly! Butterfly tracing is a great way to teach symmetrical patterns. They can use their creative side with a little guidance! They can draw a pattern on one side of the butterfly wing and mimic on the other. For example, adding symbols, dots, zig zag, and diagonal lines work great.

Are you convinced now that the How to Draw a Butterfly Template is right for you? It builds a ton of confidence in you and your child as you grow and learn tracing, drawing, and patterns together!

What an engaging, but simple way to teach your child that they can draw anything with just a little practice! Plus, the How to Draw a Butterfly free printable encourages your preschooler to develop fine motor skills, visual analysis, improves eye coordination, and builds creative problem solving!

Directed Drawing: Draw & Write

Did your student enjoy this easy step-by-step drawing worksheet? Be sure you check out our Draw and Write Activity pages for more fun! Children follow the six-step drawing guidelines to create their own fun characters. Drawing builds small motor skills, increased confidence and provides writing opportunities for children to create stories for their creations.

Free Butterfly Coloring Pages

Looking for more butterfly resources? You’ll find everything you need right here including coloring pages, art projects, life cycle worksheets, math worksheets, and SO much more! Find out more about our Butterfly Preschool Printables here!

Did your kids enjoy designing the butterflies? If so, you may want to take advantage of their excitement and get this HUGE 30 page activity pack! It includes not only life cycles of butterflies, chickens, and frogs, but also plant stages, make a rainbow, and much more!

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