Rhyming Activities for Preschool

Learning how to rhyme is an important pre-reading skill for your preschool student. The ability to identify similar sounds is also necessary for early spelling skills that your students will need later on down the road. With our free rhyming activities for preschoolers, your students will learn to recognize rhyming words by sound, while building key fine motor skills. These resources will equip you to teach rhyming, and matching to your students.

Rhyming Words for Preschoolers

Our free rhyming activities can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on the age and ability level of your student. The set comes with 6 different rhyming flap books and 3 pages of cut out rhyming pictures. For younger students, you might simply print out the rhyming word pictures and have them draw a line to match each of the rhyming sets.

Rhyming Games for Preschool

Older students can use the rhyming game as intended with the extra flap books. Flapbooks are minibooks that can be cut and folded to make an interactive element. They are great for hands-on learners, and they fit nicely inside a composition notebook. Each flap-booklet prints on a single sheet of paper, and basically, students will cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines until they’ve made a “shutter-like” booklet (see below).

Rhyming Worksheets Preschool

Once the booklet is assembled, students then color and cut out the rhyming pictures. Each of the rhyming pictures is then glued behind the correct flap. Students can then practice reading the word on the outside of each flap, lifting each time to reveal the correct answer. “Bee….rhymes with….tree!” While students aren’t expected to be reading these larger words in preschool, the exposure will help and some will memorize them by sight and repetition. The entire booklet can be glued into your composition notebook for review work down the line.

Additional Rhyming Activities:

Another way you might use this set, is to have students create their own rhyming flashcards. Creating their own set of rhyming cards will help personalize the activity and build those important scissor skills. Students can color and cut out the pictures, then glue them onto blank flashcards. The flashcards can then be used to play rhyming games like concentration. For students who are building reading skills, you can even have a set of “word” flashcards for students to match to the picture.

Rhyming Activities for Preschoolers

Rhyming Printables

You can print all 6 rhyming word flap books and all 3 rhyming picture cards free!

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