Fine Motor Skills Examples

Strengthening fine motor skills in preschoolers is key to healthy development. While some of these necessary skills are passive, others are more active. So, let’s talk about fine motor skills examples you can activate today in your preschooler’s daily activities!

What are Fine Motor Skills

But, before we begin, you may wonder — what are Fine Motor Skills? The Fine Motor Skills definition is the coordination of small muscles movement involving the synchronization of hands, fingers and eyes. In other words, it’s the act of using multiple senses including eyes, fingers, and hands. They all work together to perform smaller tasks.  

As a young mother, I initially didn’t realize how important it was — until I stumbled upon it accidentally. Thankfully, I learned this critical information early and incorporated additional fun and engaging exercises. This kept my preschooler actively learning and developing small movement skills all at the same time!

List of Fine Motor Skills

There are many everyday activities involving these type of small movements. And, some typical examples include simple grasping at toys, moving objects, and using utensils while eating.  Yet, sometimes we need to be more intentional about giving our preschooler extra practice with fine motor skills.

9 Hands-On Activities to Build Fine Motor Skills:

Here is a classical list of fine motor skills examples to help develop strong small hand and eye coordination:

Fine Motor Skills Bundle

While the list above can seem somewhat daunting, there are wonderful tools online available to ease your day! And, there’s a simple solution that’s affordable, virtually no prep, hands on, and of course, fun! You’ll love this Fine Motor Skills Bundle I’ve put together — it continuously grows with new materials and activities.

Inside this packed full, highly rated bundle is Fine Motor Alphabet Activities, Games, Worksheets and More! And yes, it works perfectly with Letter of the Week Learning Centers.

Keep in mind, with each set added to the packet, it will focus on the letters of the alphabet, alphabet sounds/phonics, beginning letter words, and of course, fine motor skills! Essentially, it’s an all in one package for preschoolers!

Review this fantastic line up of what’s included in the fine motors preschool packet and what’s coming below:

Now, any preschool mom or teacher is now equipped with the right tools to build their children’s fine motor skills. It’s easy to get started with my handy list above or Fine Motor Skills Bundle. It’s true, we have a busy lifestyle, teachers and moms, so take advantage of this incredible lifesaver today!

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