School Supply Sudoku

Preschool Sudoku Game

Sudoku is an educational yet fun hands-on game for your preschool student to play. School Supply Sudoku is a great way to introduce your kids to math-related games before they are ready to do harder math problems. This free Sudoku pack comes with 4 different mats and 4 sheets of pieces that go with them. There is also an answer key included.

Fun Sudoku Printable

Print the game boards and playing pieces on card stock. If desired, laminate for durability. Cut out the playing pieces. For easy storage, consider putting each board and all of its corresponding playing pieces in a large Ziplock bag.

How to Play

Teach your student to play Sudoku there should be one (and only one) of each color in each row and column. Once the board is completely filled correctly the game is done.

Back to School Sudoku

Once your child has completed the game, teach them how to check their work. First, have students look at each row. Then each column, making sure that each back to school symbol has its own row, column, and square. With four unique sudoku boards, you can store the game and playing pieces into a file folder for easy storage.

Preschool Sudoku Game Playing Pieces

Print this cover page to glue to the outside of your storage folder. This is a great way to easily reference what game is kept inside.

Preschool Sudoku Game 1

This first game of sudoku has students sorting globes, scissors, crayons and notebook.

Preschool Sudoku Game 2

This second game of sudoku has students sorting books, glue, paint, and calculators.

Preschool Sudoku Game 3

This third game of sudoku has students sorting paper, pencils, erasers, and folders.

Preschool Sudoku Game 4

This first game of sudoku has students sorting scissors, notebooks, clipboards and folders.

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  • jami Reply

    amazing website, i’ve plan to teaching bilingual to my dougther, tks

    August 14, 2020 at 5:02 pm
  • Diane B Montfort Reply

    Is the free sudoku pre school offer still available. I am not able to download and print.

    October 1, 2023 at 12:23 pm

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