Ultimate Fine Motor Skills Checklist: 100 Fine Motor Skills for Kids

Looking for a HUGE comprehensive list that gives you a TON of ideas for fine motor skills? You’ve come to the right place — it’s the Ultimate Checklist of 100 fine motor skills for kids! Below you’ll find an abundance of fine motor resources with very low prep and low cost but high in energy and engagement for your preschoolers and young students.

Look down below to discover many fine motor hands-on activities and free fine motor resources including instructions, games, worksheets, crafts, and so much more! Your child will gain a ton of fine motor benefits like cutting practice with scissors, twisting and turning of pipe cleaners, sticking and pulling sticker activities, and poking and popping on pom poms!

Fine Motor Skills with Scissors

Here are some easy to use pre-writing fine motor skills with scissors including DIY scissor skills and activities! Preschool students who are ready to begin with simple correcting scissors can use these free fine motor activities to build key grip strength in small motor muscles while having fun.

But, what’s the big deal about developing small motor movements? Don’t they get it from everyday tasks? Yes, but there are so many more to discover. Here I share with you why fine motor skills are important, and how to encourage small muscle movements in your everyday activities.

Fine Motor Skills with Pom-Poms

Pom-Poms are not only colorful and fun for your students, they are fantstic for building key motor skills! Pom Poms are one of the more creative activities to encourage fine motor skills. We’ve outlined some fun and low-cost fine motor building activities you can start with your kiddos today!

Fine Motor Skills with Stickers

Stickers are not just fun for kids — moms and teachers alike will love how they benefit their precocious preschoolers. They keep little ones busy, promote fine motor skills, concentration, creativity, and best of all — tons of fabulous fun! Here are some easy fine motor skill tasks including sticker worksheets, sticker activities, and more!

Fine Motor Skills with Pipe Cleaners

If you’ve got pipe cleaners, we’ve got some great pipe cleaner craft ideas that will not only build your child’s creative side but also strengthen their fine motor skills! Pipe cleaners are so versatile and easy to use for toddlers and preschoolers. These fuzzy, bendable, and colorful sticks are affordable and can be used for cutting, bending, lacing, shaping, and even wrapping!

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