Free Printable Preschool Worksheets

Free Preschool Worksheets

THOUSANDS of Free Preschool Printables, Worksheets, and more from Preschool Mom! We have a HUGE collection of free preschool worksheets and activity pages you can use in your homeschool, classroom, or daycare setting. These free preschool activities worksheets have been developed with your busy preschool students in mind, and they are organized below into preschool themes you can use for your weekly lesson planning. We cover all of the main preschool topics including; alphabet worksheets, number recognition, shape worksheets, color science, tracing letters, all about me, and more!

Free Preschool Printables:

There are so many preschool teaching resources here, that we've organized them into various themes, subjects, seasons, holidays and more. Everything is listed in alphabetical order to make it easy to find, just scroll down to your desired subject, and print what you need for your students! While these individual preschool worksheets are offered freely on our website, we do have premium preschool curriculum available as well.

Alphabet Preschool Printables

Free alphabet printables, alphabet letter activities, games, worksheets, coloring pages, and more. Your students will build important pre-reading literacy skills like letter recognition, letter sounds, beginning letter words, phonics, tracing, and more. 

Africa Preschool Printables

Free Africa preschool printables and worksheets. Students will learn all about the amazing animals of Africa while working on key literacy and math skills for preschool.  

All About Me Preschool Worksheets

This set of All About Me Preschool Printables helps teach children how to write their name, address, phone number, parent’s names, and emergency information.

Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

These free arctic animal printables are just right for your winter preschool lessons. Children can learn all about the amazing creatures that thrive in the world's arctic deserts, including Arctic Fox!

ASL Alphabet Printables

Free ASL Preschool Printables for learning American Sign Language!  You'll find ASL Charts, Alphabet Flashcards, basic ASL signs, and more! 

Australia Preschool Printables

Preschool students learn about Amazing Australian animals from down under!  Our free printable worksheets, activities, and projects are great for your Australia Preschool Theme. 

Bug & Insect Preschool Activities

Free printable bug activities for preschool!  Your students will love to learn about creepy crawlies with our fun and free bug worksheets. 

Butterfly Preschool Printables

Free printable Butterfly worksheets, crafts, activities and more for learning all about the butterfly life cycle. You’ll find free printable butterfly life cycle charts, minibooks, sequencing cards, coloring pages, classroom projects, and more! 

Preschool Calendar Printables

Preschool calendar activities and printables to help your kiddos learn the days of the week, months of the year, yesterday, today, tomorrow and more! 

Candy Preschool Printables

Fun and free hands-on candy games for preschool!  These printable activities feature fun candy themes for extra engaging preschool learning. 

Christmas Preschool Printables

Free printable Preschool Christmas Crafts Christmas Worksheets,  Activities, Games, Ornaments and more!  Great for Winter Holiday Learning Packs!

Color Activities for Preschool

Free Colors Preschool Printables for students to learn about color recognition, color names, color theory, mixing colors, and more!  You'll have color charts, worksheets, wordwall cards, matching games and tons of fun.

Community Helper Printables

Free Community Helper Preschool Printables, Games, worksheets, coloring pages, activities and more!  You'll find fun and free community helper matching games too. 

Dinosaur Preschool Printables

Dinosaur Preschool Worksheets

Free Printable Dinosaur Preschool Worksheets for kids! Everything you need for your Dinosaur Preschool theme, with matching games, patterns, coloring pages, games, and dinosaur preschool printables. 

Earth Day Preschool Worksheets

Preschool students will learn about caring for and about our Earth with our free printable Earth Day Preschool Activities. 

Easter Preschool Printables

Free Easter Worksheets, Crafts, Activities, and Printables for preschool!  Hands-On Easter Learning Mats and Engaging Teaching Resources. 

Fairy Tale Preschool Printables

Your preschool students will love learning about fun fairy tales with our free printable fairy tale worksheets and activities. 

Fall Leaf Preschool Printables

Free fall leaf preschool printables, worksehets, games, activities, charts and more!  Your preschool students will learn all about different types of Fall leaves and trees. 

Farm Preschool Printables

Free Farm Preschool Printables and Activities for learning all about farm animals and life on the farm.

Father's Day Preschool Printables

Father's Day Preschool Crafts, Activities, Worksheets, Cards, Printables and more! Great for simple gifts from kids. 

Fourth of July Preschool Worksheets

Celebrating Independence Day in your preschool classroom is simple with our fun and FREE 4th of July Preschool Crafts, Printables, Worksheets, and Activity Pages. 

Flower Preschool Printables

Free flower preschool printables for your students to learn all about flowers!  These game and activities are great for a preschool flower theme in your classroom. 

Frog Preschool Printables

Frog life cycle and preschool printables for learning all about frogs!  Fun, hands-on frog life cycle charts, minibooks, and more. 

Groundhog's Day Preschool Printables

Will the groundhog see his shadow?  Our free printable Groundhog's Day Preschool Printables are great for students to develop scientific prediction skills. 

Monster Preschool Printables

Free Monster Printables, Worksheets, and Activities! These monsters aren't scary at all, but silly creations that will delight your preschool students. 

Mother's Day Preschool Printables

Free preschool printables for Mother's Day activities and teaching resources.  Your preschool student's will enjoy making these fun, personalized keepsakes. 

New Year Preschool Printables

Printable activities and crafts for preschool students this New Year!  Here are some fun and free projects and keepsakes you can try with your students this year. 

Number Preschool Printables

Free preschool number worksheets, and preschool activities. Skill-building printables for number recognition, number charts, color by number and more. 

Ocean Preschool Printables

Ocean printables, crafts, and activities for your preschool classroom.  Great for a summer beach and ocean animal theme. 

Pumpkin Preschool Printables

Pumpkin crafts, activities, printables, worksheets and more for your preschool classroom. Students learn the pumpkin life-cycle, and participate in fun pumpkin patch science activities. 

Preschool Shapes Worksheets

Free shapes activities, printables, and worksheets for preschool.  Your students will work on shape names, shape recognition, shape tracing, and more. Free printable shape charts, mazes. games and activity sheets.

Preschool Snowflake Printables

Learn all about the snow with our free snow printables for preschool. Your students will learn how unique snowflakes are, learn about ice and weather patterns and help decorate your classroom with snowy art projects. 

Spring Preschool Printables

Spring preschool printables, activities, worksheets, photo cards, wordwall cards, pattern games, file folder games and more. 

St. Patrick's Day Preschool Printables

Fun, Hands-On activities for St. Paddys Day!  Your preschool students will have a blast with our free printables, activities, worksheets and more. 

Transportation Preschool Printables

Cars, Trucks, Planes, Boats and more!  Free transportation activities, printables, and worksheets for preschool themes. 

Weather Preschool Printables

Free weather printables for your preschool science learning centers. Students learn about all kinds of weather with our free printable weather charts, coloring pages, tracing activities, worksheets and more. 

Valentine's Day Preschool Printables

Fun and free Valentine's Day Preschool Printables and activities. Your preschool students will have fun with these candy heart learning mats, games, and learning centers. 

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