Magnet Alphabet Letter Mats

Free letter charts to use with magnetic letters! Need some creative ideas for learning the ABCs — we’ve got you covered! Early literacy starts with our super-effective letter learning ABC Magnet Mats. They are really easy to use — just drag and match the uppercase and lowercase magnetic letters to their right spot.

Learning the letters of the alphabet can be a huge undertaking; why not make it extra fun with these hands-on magnet letters? Our free Alphabet Magnet match activity worksheets are perfect for learning centers, homeschool, and in the classroom.

FREE Letter Magnet Printables

There are so many reasons why magnet letters are effective: build fine motor skills, teach beginning words and sounds, and practice with grab and grip small muscle exercises. Teachers or homeschool moms can store them on the side of your file cabinet, desk, or a whiteboard with magnetic abilities. Download our FREE Magnet Letter Charts Below!

Uppercase Alphabet Letters Chart

Download for FREE this fun-to-use magnetic printable with all uppercase letters. Students will simply slide to match each letter until all 26 letters are complete. Our alphabet charts are perfect for homeschool and classroom learning centers.

Lowercase Alphabet Letters Chart

Our FREE alphabet magnet printables are available for instant download. These lowercase letters make it fun for kids to learn all 26 letters of the alphabet. Use these for learning magnet centers in the classroom.

Alphabet Magnet Printables

Students will LOVE our ABC Magnet Letters Task Card Pack! This Letter Magnet Printables Pack includes 2 ABC charts, 6 letters vs objects matching cards,  12 magnet task mats, 3 Build-a-Word worksheets with 6 exercises each, practice writing pages, colorful flashcards, and uppercase/lowercase and consonant & vowel letter mats.  Best of all it’s available in an instant download as part of our Fine Motor Task Card Bundle.

Mystery Sight Words with Letter Magnets

Your preschool students will have a black with these magnet mystery words! Featuring 12 different preschool-level sight words from the Dolch 220 sight word list, your students will work on beginning letter sounds and letter recognition to build simple sight words. Includes a follow-up worksheet to write and record the words they discovered.

Magnetic Learning Centers

Use our fine motor alphabet magnet task cards to build simple letter recognition skills. These ABC magent flashcards ask students to match the uppercase and lowercase letters. Kids will be attracted to the colorful, vibrant colors of each card as they gain confidence in learning their letters. A beginning letter picture is provided for easy phonics integration.

ABC Magnetic Letter Mats

Our Task Card Bundle includes hands-on magnet alphabet mats for uppercase and lowercase letters for a huge variety of matching skills and identification of their letters. These are great for students to really identify the letter needed without any picture prompts. These are self-correcting as well, so your students will easily be able to tell if they’ve found the correct letter.

Alphabet Matching Game

This simple, yet engaging activity will have your preschoolers matching cute and colorful animals to their beginning letters. This is a matching game your kids will love! Encourage your students to use either lowercase letters or uppercase letters to complete the activity.

Magnet Alphabet Sorting Mat

Students will work on their sorting and classifying skills as they sort consonants and vowels. If you have a set of magnet alphabet letters that are colored-coded by consonant or vowel, it makes it easier for beginning learners. Rainbow sets of magnet letters will make it more difficult and students will have to have their letters memorized.

Uppercase & Lower Case Letter Sorting Mat

We’ve also included a simple sorting mat for students to classify letters as uppercase or lowercase. These are great because you can use them with a handful of letters without much prep work. You can also expand learning by asking children to count and report their findings, or look for any that match.

Letter Matching Mat for Magnet Letters

Once your students have a handle on their letter recognition, you can give them a little more challenge with our ABC Letter Magnet Matching Mats! Students will be given either the uppercase or lowercase letter and their job is to find the match! These mats are purposely randomized letters so they can’t use any letter order sequencing skills, and must rely on letter recognition and one-to-one correspondence.

Alphabet Magnet Task Card Activity Pack

All of these amazing Alphabet Magnet activities are available in an instant download today! Our Fine Motor Task Cards Bundle is a huge hit with moms, teachers, and students who are looking for engaging activities to keep kids busy and learning. The bundle is filled with so many activities and teaching resources that we can’t list them all here! Be sure to check this set out if you are looking for simple, low-prep, hands-on preschool learning centers. These will transform your classroom and your students!

There are so many ways to use magnetic ABCs. Our Task Card Bundle includes so many MORE ideas you can put those letters to good use. For example, our magnet letter printable shown below gives kids opportunities to sound out an object’s name and match it to the appropriate letter magnet. Then, students will write each word they completed on their own. Ask kids to sound it out to help identify common words.

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  • Sharon Biskaborn Reply

    These alphabet charts for magnetic letters are amazing.

    March 1, 2022 at 8:03 am
    • Preschool Mom Reply

      Thanks for the feedback, Sharon!

      March 1, 2022 at 9:49 am
  • Debbie Lovelace Reply

    Thank you so much for your resources. I’m a Grandmother who taught 5 and 6 year olds and I enjoy using educational ideas for my Grandchildren.

    March 1, 2022 at 8:23 am
    • Preschool Mom Reply

      Hi Debbie! We’re thrilled to hear they will go to good use! Happy Teaching 🙂

      March 1, 2022 at 9:50 am

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