Fall Peg Board Activity Mats

PegBoard Printables: Activity Mats

Building fine motor skills requires a variety of different tasks to strengthen small motor muscles. Pegboards are a great way to continue to build those key muscles while also developing visual recognition, patterning, and one-to-one correspondence. We’ve developed a set of pegboard printables that will have your students learning while having fun! With differentiated activities, this set is great for homeschooling multiple ages, or for engaging multiple abilities in a classroom setting.

Educational Use of Pegboards

If you’ve never heard of pegboards, basically they are small boards with a grid of holes drilled into them (in this case 10 x 10) in which students can place small plastic, colored pegs. The pegs can be arranged to create a pattern, a design or even a picture. I personally purchased this pegboard set which included a plastic pegboard and 1200 different colored pegs. All of the pegboard activities are designed to complement this set, however, you can use any other set that has a 10×10 grid and the colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Brown, Grey, White. UPDATE: If the suggested pegboard is out of stock, and you can’t wait for restock, then here are some alternatives to consider: UK Montessori (same set), 12 x 12 Pegboard (different set), or for multiple children Extra Pegboards (no pegs) or even try a Light Brite!

Pegboard Worksheets

We’ve included a great variety of Peg board activities in our Fall Peg Board Activity Bundle.

What’s Included:

For each of the 12 Fall designs, you’ll receive a variety of different pegboard activities. These activities have been designed to help you provide your students with challenging activities based on ability level.

Fall Pegboard Pictures:

Apple, Acorn, Basket, Corn, Crow, Fall Leaf, Fall Tree, Maple Leaf, Mushroom, Pumpkin, Scarecrow, Sunflower

Pegboard Activity Mat: This pegboard mat tasks students with creating a thematic picture, then counting up the pegs they used of each color.This activity mat features a large picture of the intended design.

Pegboard Activity Mat 2: This pegboard mat tasks students with creating a thematic picture, then counting up the pegs they used of each color. This mat is extra colorful with ample room for writing numbers for younger students.

Create, Color, & Draw: This pegboard activity asks students to create the picture, then color the black and white example to match. Students are then asked to draw and outline their own version of the picture.

Pegboard Task Cards: These colorful task cards are great for creating your own math centers. Students chose a card, create the picture and answer the question. Follow-up with one of the worksheets below.

Dip & Dot Pictures: Students use the color preview to create their own painted pictures. Using a cotton swab, students dip the end into a small amount of paint and dab it to make the exact picture.

Pegboard of the Day: This follow up activity sheet is universal, so you can pair it with any of the activity mats or the task cards. Students model their gird, and build key math skills like counting, tally marks, reporting, comparing, as well as even and odd numbers.

Pegboard Fall Activity Pages

This Pegboard Activity Pack includes a variety of thematic activities and worksheets for Fall. With simple, differentiated learning opportunities, this set will soon become one of your favorite fall resources. Students work on key math, and logic skills while building these fun pegboard pictures. This set not only includes pegboard mats, but pegboard task cards, and follow-up worksheets as well.

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