Fall Pumpkin Math Mats

Counting is a skill that all preschoolers need to work on. Not just counting on fingers, but recognizing one-to-one correspondence, that the number they are counting is represented with an object. With this free pumpkin candy counting game, your child can have fun while learning basic counting and addition skills.

Free Pumpkin Printables

With our free pumpkin printables these set works well with any fall or harvest theme. If you’re doing an “On the Farm” theme, this would work very well with that as well. There are many different ways you can use this free printable math mat, so you’re sure to keep students engaged with each method.

How to play Pumpkin Math Mat

Print and laminate the math mat. Depending on your student’s ability, give him or her one die or two dice. Tell your student to roll the dice. Students should then add the corresponding number of pumpkins to the tractor. Clear the board and play again!

Halloween Candy Printable

This free quick printable is great to pull out when you need to give your preschooler something to keep busy with. If you don’t have candy pumpkins you can also use candy corn as a substitute. The Pumpkin Truck Counting printable can be used as a busy bag, you can just put the candy and the dice in a bag with the truck sheet. Then pull it out for your child whenever!

Whether you use the printable pumpkins, buttons, candy corn, or candy pumpkins, this is a simple way to add some hands-on learning activities to your classroom without the prep-work!

Pumpkin Math Mat

Print and laminate or store in a page protector for reuse.

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  • Joanne Duchesne Reply

    Thank you for your ideas and free math game. It is always nice to have new ways to teach our children math using different props games.

    September 24, 2019 at 5:19 pm

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