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Our September Fine Motor Activity Pack is filled with over 60 pages of hands-on, interactive activities which have been specifically designed to build key fine motor skills. Fine Motor Skills Activities are those that intentionally require students to use their small motor muscles to strengthen and develop coordination. Our fine motor skill games and activities are highly engaging and keep the prep work to a minimum.

Fine Motor September Activity Pack

60 thematic, hands-on activities to build fine motor control skills in September! These thematic activity pages are perfect for your September learning centers. Low-Prep & Instant Download!

Fine Motor Skills Development:

With over 60 Pages, we’ve developed our fine motor activity packs to target a variety of physical and mental skill-building exercises. Skills include logic & reasoning, one-to-one matching, solving puzzles, drawing, tracing, cutting, poking, geoboards, pom-pom pages, and so much more! These exercises can be used with preschool students or children with special needs during occupational therapy, just remember to always supervise your student carefully when using any small objects like rubber bands, marbles, and the like. We’ve organized our monthly fine motor packs into weekly themes so that they print in the order you need them. However, here is a peek at all 15 different types of activities included so you can get an idea of the types of activities:

1. Fine Motor Geoboard Printables

This fine motor skills pack includes four different geoboard activity pages. Each activity sheet provides students with easy thematic pictures as well as a harder version to create on their geoboard. Room is provided for students to copy the drawing below each. Students use rubber bands to create the pictures on a geoboard. We suggest using rainbow loom bands to complete these activities.

2. Fine Motor Mazes & Activities

Mazes are great for fine motor skills development and very helpful for building logic and reasoning skills. Plus, they are super fun! That’s why we’ve included four thematic maze activity sheets. Students are asked to solve thematic mazes and to follow the instructions to perform other simple fine motor tasks. These mazes are just the right size and students will enjoy the challenge while building confidence.

3. Fine Motor Play Dough Mats

Children LOVE to play with playdough, and these fine motor playdough mats will add a little skill-building fun to your classroom. Students are asked to use different methods to roll, smash and create a variety of thematic playdough shapes. Students learn to estimate size and shape as they try to match the pictures. These mats are fun for students of all ages and when laminated or placed in page protectors you can reuse them for years to come.

4. Fine Motor Tracing Pages

Our Fine Motor Tracing Pages are perfect for building those small motor muscles necessary for handwriting. If you have a student that LOATHES handwriting, they might be more apt to work on these fun tracing activity pages. Each page features multiple opportunities to build hand-eye coordination in a fun and engaging way. These are fantastic when put in page protectors or laminate so children can use them again and again.

5. Snap Cube Pictures

If you’re not familiar with snap cubes, you’re in for a treat! These colorful cubes are made of plastic and can be connected to each other to create all sorts of shapes and designs. We’ve includes four thematic snap cute activity mats which provide students with an example picture and a grid to build it. These are fantastic for working gross motor skills such as grip, because it takes a bit of effort to get these cubes together and apart.

6. Pattern Block Pictures

Pattern blocks are another helpful resource when building fine motor skills. Pattern blocks are basically a set of differently shapes blocks (hexagon, triangle, diamond/rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, and square) that can be used to create different designs and pictures. We’ve includes four different pattern blocks mats for students to crate and report the different shapes they used.

7. Cuisenaire Rod Mats

Cuisenaire Rods are basically narrow blocks that increase in size by 1cm. They are perfect for introducing key math skills as well as using for fine motor mats. We’ve included four Cuisenaire Rod mats students can use to create different thematic shapes. Each mat asks students to report the number of rods they used to complete their picture.

8. Building Brick Activity Mats

What kid doesn’t like to play with LEGO’s? Especially when it counts for school work! We’ve included four fun brick building activity mats that can be used with LEGO (TM) or any other classic building brick. There are reading and math games included that can be used with students who are ready to learn sight words and basic math skills like tally marks and addition. If you use a 6×6 transparent building mat you can even place it over the top of the activity sheet for assistance building the specific picture.

9. Pom-Pom Pictures

Pom-Pom pictures are another great activity featured in our fine motor skills pack! This set includes four different pictures for students to make by arranging the poms into the correct order. We use this set of poms along with a pair of large plastic tweezers. However, these pages can be used with Bingo Dab markers if desired.

10. Listening Skill Sheets

If your child struggles with listening skills this is a resource you are going to really appreciate! Actually, our listening skills sheets will soon become one of your child’s favorite activities! Not only do they build confidence, but these pages are specifically developed to encourage children to listen carefully and to follow exact directions. Students are given small tasks to complete each page, building fine motor skills and prepositional awareness along the way.

11. Special Skill Activities

These special skills activity sheets include a variety of different fine motor skills tasks. There are four different activity sheets in this sections, each of them designed to work on individual small motor control. Here is a look at each of them:

Cutting Skills & Dot to Dot Mystery Phrase:

Students practice their cutting skills using children’s safety scissors. Students are asked to cut on the lines across the sheet. The Dot-2-Dot Activity page asks students to complete the worksheet by writing the letters in the order they reach them around the puzzle.

Pin & Poke Activity Sheet

Our Pint and Poke Activities are great for developing small motor muscle strength. This is definitely a project you’ll want to closely supervise with your student as there is a sharp tool involved. We use this specific wood-handled punch tool, along with this thick punching mat. You will layer this setup as Worksheet-Cardstock-Punching Mat, and then tape into place. Students will carefully punch through each of the dots to make the picture. When finished, remove the layers and hold the cardstock up to light to reveal the picture.

Q-Tip Painting Activity

Students can work on their artistic skills while building fine motor skills! Provide students with a few Q-tips and different colors of paint. Show them how to carefully dip the tip of the Q-tip into the paint and then to stamp the color into the correct spots on their painting. Older students can learn to blend colors by double dotting different colors on top of one another.

12. Sequencing Crowns

We’ve added a little sequencing FUN to our Fine Motor Skills Packs! Included in this set are four different sequencing crowns that will not only build cut & paste skills but sequencing and order as well. Many of the crowns feature plant and animal life cycles to add in a little extra science.

13. Dab & Dot Activity Sheets

Who doesn’t LOVE a good mystery!? These Dab and Dot worksheets are similar to a color by number with Bingo Daubers. Students solve the mystery by following the code. Your students will improve fine motor skills while having fun! Many of these pictures can be held at a distance to better see the picture.

14. Pom-Pom Picture Mats

These picture mats are especially helpful if you are using this pack with younger children. You can use this set with Pom-Poms (or Mini-Poms as shown), flat gems, transparent bingo markers or even mini-erasers. However, if you have a younger child, you can easily build motor development by using this set with dry cereal like Cheerios so they can participate as well. Since these are full-color, we do recommend laminating or sliding the sheets into page protectors for reuse.

15. Popsicle Stick Craftivity

Finishing out our September Fine Motor Activity Pack is a collection of fun Popsicle Stick Craftivitiy Sheets! This set allows for a little creativity as you student uses popsicle sticks to build a thematic character or item. Students are asked to follow the instructions and add any additional items like wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners, glitter etc…to customize their creation. These can then be cut out and hung up in the classroom for decoration.

BONUS: Wiggle Eye Calendar

Because our monthly fine motor packs are designed around the calendar, we thought it would be fun to include a calendar your student can customize at the start of the month. This isn’t just any old calendar though! Students work on dabbing the tiniest amount of glue onto the black circles in order to glue on some silly wiggle eyes. Not only are children building fine motor skills, but they are creating a monthly calendar they can use for reference over the next few weeks. I have my kiddos fill in the dates and add a couple of significant events to the calendar.


We’ve recently released fine motor activity packs for all the months of the school year, September thru June, and we’ve priced our year-long bundle at a discount to help you SAVE your teaching budget! You can now order the entire bundle from our Teachers Pay Teachers Store here.

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