Fine Motor Alphabet Mats

Are you looking for fine motor skills examples you can use to create fun, hands-on learning centers for your preschool student? We’ve created a vast selection of fine motor skills activities for preschoolers. Each pack features key skills you’ll want to work on with your preschool student. These fun-filled activities will have your children working hard learning their abc’s while having fun.

Why Fine Motor Skills are Important for Preschoolers

Fine Motor muscles development is so important for a growing preschooler. They are curious and constantly learning new skills each and every new day. Grabbing the opportunity while they are young learners will help develop strong and healthy small movement habits.

For example, grabbing a pencil the wrong way can lead to writing struggles down the road. Holding their scissors awkwardly can cause frustration and stress when trying to cut materials.

That’s why I’ve focused on developing fine motor activities to include the alphabet as an ‘all in one’ package. Developing these small muscle movements using my products will promote a serious amount of creativity. Plus, it will also encompass essential skills that include writing, cutting, manipulating, and drawing.

Fine Motor Alphabet Activities

I’ve put together a comprehensive bundle of over 15 products for practically every Fine Motor Skills Alphabet Activity you can possibly think of! However, it’s a rapidly growing bundle and I’ve got even more ideas coming down the pike!

You’ll be surprised to find great fine motor alphabet activities, games, worksheets and more! These are perfect for your Letter of the Week Learning Centers. Every set added to this bundle will focus on practice letter formation by writing letters of the alphabet. This includes learning the alphabet sounds/phonics, beginning letter words, and of course, developing their fine motor skills.

FREE Alphabet Blank Letter Mats

These free blank alphabet letter mats make look simple, but they are filled with possibility for your preschool classroom! Blank ABC letters can be filled with a variety of different small motor manipulatives, making them a fantastic secret weapon to pull from of your Super Teacher Toolbox! 

Fine Motor Alphabet Driving Mats

Each page features a letter formation guide, tracing practice, beginning letter transportation vehicle, and a road to practice “driving” the letter in the proper stroke order.

Alphabet Popsicle Stick Picture Mats

You can build fine motor skills with a set of popsticle sticks! Each Popsicle Stick Picture Mat includes a letter of the alphabet alongside a fun popsicle stick picture. 

Pattern Block Alphabet Mats

Build key logic and fine motor skills while working on letter recognition and letter sounds! These pattern block activity mats will have your students begging to learn!

Fine Motor Alphabet Q-Tip Painting Pictures

These Q-Tip painting worksheets are just right for building small motor control. All you need is a little paint and a few cotton swabs for tons of hands-on, letter learning fun!

Alphabet ASL Posters / Charts

Add a splash of color to your classroom with these ASL Letter Charts. Not only will these charts present the upper and lowercase letters, with beginning word pictures, but students build Fine Motor Skills while learning A-Z Sign Language hand signs.

Alphabet Snap Cube Mats

Build small motor muscles with these Snap Cube Alphabet Mats! Simple, yet fun hands-on learning opportunities for kids.

Alphabet Playdough Mats

This set of alphabet playdough mats is great for working small motor muscles while having fun! Students work on lowercase letter, uppercase letters, and beginning letter pictures. 

Alphabet Pom-Pom Mats

This is a collection of pom pom activity mats you can use to help your students buid fine motor skills. Each mat features a pom-pictures alongside an example for them to follow.

Fine Motor Dab & Dot ABC Pack

Each activity page features a beginning word picture for students to dab and color. Students use the coloring guide in the upper left hand corner. There is one color for uppercase letters, and one color for lowercase letters. 

Cut & Paste Alphabet Pictures

Build Fine Motor skills with these Cut & Paste Activity Pages. Students color, cut and paste to make beginning letter paper collages. Students sort the pictures based on uppercase or lowercase letters. 

Alphabet Geoboard Mats

Build Fine Motor skills with these ABC Geoboard Mats! Each mat features a different letter of the alphabet with a colorful rubber band picture for students to recreate on their geoboard.

Fine Motor LEGO (TM) Mats

These Fine Motor Alphabet Brick Building Mats work with LEGO (TM) or any other classic building brick. Students work on key math skills like taly marks, counting & graphing, as well as comparisons. 

Sign Language Alphabet Minibooks

Students work on building small motor muscle control while learning all 26 letter of the ASL alphabet. Featuring three beginning letter words for students to sign for each letter. 

Fine Motor Alphabet Sounds Tracing

Fine Motor Alphabet Activity Pack! Fine Motor Alphabet Phonics! This new hands-on activity pack covers the alphabet A-Z with 26 Fine motor (path maze) tracing mats.

Fine Motor Alphabet Mazes & Beginning Letters

Students practice beginning letter sounds and handwriting skills as they work their way through the mazes.

Students practice beginning letter sounds and handwriting skills as they work their way through the mazes.

Alphabet Listening Skills Sheets

Build Fine Motor and Listening Skills with these Low-Prep Directional worksheets. Students of all ages can learn to follow directions with these alphabet activity pages.

Fine Motor Alphabet Cuisenaire Rod Mats

Fine Motor Alphabet Activity Pack! Fine Motor Alphabet Phonics! This new hands-on activity pack covers the alphabet A-Z with 26 Cuisenaire Rod Picture Mats.

Parents and Teachers, are you wondering what could possibly be in this growing fine motor packet of printables? Here’s a list of wonderful fine motor ABC resources that you can pick and choose from or do each one a day.

  • Drive & Write Mats
  • Dip & Dot Q-Tip Painting
  • Beginning Letter Dab Worksheets
  • Sounds Maze Pack
  • Brick Building Pack
  • Cuisenaire Rod Pictures
  • Phonics Cards
  • Sign Language Minibooks
  • ABC Letter Templates
  • Listening Skills Sheets
  • Letter Cut & Paste
  • Popsicle Stick Pictures
  • Pom Pictures
  • Playdough Mats
  • Dab & Read Sight Words (Fry’s 100)

Don’t miss out on these wonderful alphabet resources you can download immediately along with low prep materials. They are fun to use, their imagination will soar, and you can sit back and relax while creativity takes over! And, don’t forget, these make awesome activities for toddlers too! Click Here for our Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle.

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