Fine Motor Task Cards

What are Task Cards?

If you’ve never heard of task cards you might be wondering exactly what they are! Basically, they are flashcards with specific instructions or “tasks” for your students to carry out. The tasks can be simple prompts or even step by step actions for children to take. While flashcards generally ask students to memorize or solve a specific equation or word problem, task cards as students to complete an activity, sometims, outside of the actual task card. For example, students might be asked to complete a picture, find a beginning letter, or even write a response.

How to Store Task Cards

If you’ve been teaching for any amount of time, you know how quickly the resources can pile up. Using task cards is a way to cut down on the clutter, while still providing your student(s) with enriching, hands-on, interactive activities. Since task cards are so small, they take up less space in your classroom. Generally, task cards are sized so that they will print four to a sheet, and will fit in 3.5″ x 5″ photo boxes. There are some task cards that are larger or smaller than this general size, but for the most part they will be close to photo size. These sizes make them especially useful for storing in small plastic photo boxes. My favorite way to store task cards is using this colorful photo box set. Not only are there a ton of small boxes for multiple sets, but they all fit nicely in a larger storage container, keeping things nice and tidy in the classroom.

Love these task cards for independent work and boredom busters!

Anna H.

What are Task Cards For?

While task cards can be used for a variety of different topics and skills, I prefer to use them for hands-on activities. That is one of the reasons I designed our Fine Motor Task Card sets. Each set includes colorful and engaging task cards that present children with a small fine motor activity to complete. Taking things one step further, I’ve added in some universal follow-up worksheets and activities that can be used to extend learning. These additional activities can be used as examples of what students are learning during the center activities, and allow them to showcase their skills with a different task.

Fine Motor Task Card Packs

We’ve developed a variety of different fine motor task card activity packs. You can purchase a single pack if you want to target a specific skill or save a few bucks and purchase the bundle of packs at a discounted rate.

This is excellent for a on-the-go mobile occupational therapist!

Joy C.

Fine Motor Task Cards: Symmetry Activity Pack

Students find the line of symmetry on these colorful and cute pictures, then show what they know with our collection of follow-up symmetry worksheets.

Fine Motor Task Cards: Geoboard Activity Pack

These fine motor alphabet geoboard task cards make learning fun! Students build and create a variety of pictures using a 5×5 geoboard and colorful rubberbands.

Fine Motor Task Cards: ASL Activity Pack

These fine motor ASL Sign Language Task Cards are perfect for building small motor control while teaching key elements of language, reading, and speech.

Fine Motor Task Cards: LEGO Activity Pack

These fine motor alphabet brick task cards make learning fun! Use with LEGO™ or other classic building brick. Students build and create their way through the lowercase and uppercase letters.

Fine Motor Task Cards: Playdough Activity Pack

Students use different colors of play dough to create a variety of different beginning letter pictures.

Fine Motor Task Cards: Bead Patterns Activity Pack

These fine motor Bead Pattern Task Cards are perfect for building small motor control while teaching key elements of patterns!

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