Forest Animal Coloring Pages

Our FREE Forest Animal Coloring Pages are going to engage even the youngest learners! Preschool, Early Elementary, and Homeschool students will love these fine-motor coloring pages. Our cute forest preschool worksheets are great for teaching animal science as well as letter and first sound recognition. Looking for even more alphabet fun? Head on over to check out our Free Alphabet Letter Recognition Worksheets!

ABC Forest Animals

Teach animal science, coloring and fine motor skills, and biomes and habitats with our adorable forest animal printables. These FREE set of preschool worksheets are sure to engage young learners in the alphabet and preschool science content standards. Keep learning about animals and their different habitats with our Africa Animal Coloring Pages.

Forest Animal Preschool Printables

Want to get the most out of these FREE worksheets? Print them and bind them into an activity booklet for students to use when learning their letter of the week. Learning letter of the day instead? No problem! Print one page at a time to give students each day you learn a new letter. We also have an amazing Alphabet Review Pack to incorporate into your classroom or homeschool lessons. Students can color, trace the letters, read the animal science facts, and more! All your students need is crayons or colored pencils and a pencil and/or highlighter. Create, learn, and have some fun with our preschool forest animal printables.

Color & Learn Forest Animals

Don’t want to print each page individually? Follow this link to our full Forest Animal set. 26 pages of adorable, educational worksheets!

Forest Animal Coloring Pages

A is for American Red Squirrel Coloring Page

Color the cute critter and engage your student in fascinating science facts!

B is for Black Bear Coloring Page

This preschool printable is perfect for teaching the letter “B”!

C is for Cottonmouth Snake Coloring Page

Practicing letters, sounds, and sight words is fun with this cute animal science page!

Forest Animal Preschool Worksheets

D is for Deer Coloring Page

Teaching about forest biomes and habitats is fun and easy with this preschool printable!

E is for Eastern Cottontail Coloring Page

Did you know Eastern Cottontails sometimes pee blue? Learn even more fun facts with this printable worksheet!

F is for Fallow Deer Coloring Page

Give your students fine motor opportunities with this cute animal science coloring worksheet.

G is for Garter Snake Coloring Page

Learn all about animal science while coloring and having fun!

H is for Hog-Nosed Skunk Coloring Page

This preschool printable is cute, engaging, and educational!

I is for Ips Beetle Coloring Page

Find out what an Ips Beetle is and give fine-motor practice opportunities with this cute worksheet.

J is for Jackrabbit Coloring Page

This Jackrabbit coloring worksheet is great for young learners practicing fine motor skills!

K is for Katydid Coloring Page

Teaching animal science? Use this engaging and educational worksheet.

L is for Lizard Coloring Page

Letter recognition and first sound fluency are taught easily with this adorable Lizard Page.

M is for Moose Coloring Page

Did you know Moose can run up to 35 mph? Discover even more fun facts with this preschool printable.

N is for Northern River Otter Coloring Page

Animal science interest in your classroom? Use this color and learn page to engage young learners!

O is for Owl Coloring Page

This preschool printable is perfect for homeschool, early elementary, and preschool students.

P is for Porcupine Coloring Page

Teaching preschool science is a breeze with our color and learn worksheets.

Q is for Quail Coloring Page

This engaging coloring page includes fun forest animal science facts for young learners.

R is for Raccoon Coloring Page

Letter of the day? Our Raccoon printable is the perfect resource to engage young learners.

S is for Spotted Bat Coloring Page

Did you know spotted bags live up to 20 years? Learn more fun animal science facts now!

T is for Tree Swallow Coloring Page

This forest animal worksheet is fun and engaging while also educational!

U is for Unita Ground Squirrel Coloring Page

Teach preschool science? Use this color and learn preschool printable to engage young? learners.

V is for Vanessa Cardui Coloring Page

This cute preschool science printable offers many fine motor practice opportunities.

W is for Woodpecker Coloring Page

Our color and learn worksheets are sure to engage even the most skeptical young learners.

X is for Fox Coloring Page

Forest animal coloring pages make the perfect alphabet book! Print and bind them now!

Y is for Yellow-Poplar Weevil Coloring Page

Your young students will love these coloring pages with animal science facts.

Z is for Zygentoma Coloring Page

Do you know what a Zygentoma is? Find out now with this adorable preschool printable.

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