Geoboard Patterns for Valentine's Day

Geoboard Math Mat

This geoboard mat tasks students with creating a picture, then adding more bands to create the second picture. Students answer basic counting and addition problems.

Geoboard Shape Mat

This geoboard mat tasks students with creating the more difficult picture, then coloring the black line example. Students are then asked to identify the different shapes they see.

Create, Color, & Draw Activity Pages

Students are asked to create a picture, color the black-line example, and then to copy the drawing onto the blank grid.These are great for older students who do not need the full geoboard mat.

Geoboard of the Day (Easy Follow-Up Worksheet)

This simple version asks students to choose one of their pictures to draw, and answer the questions. Questions cover counting and shapes.

Geoboard of the Day (Hard Follow-Up Worksheet)

This harder version asks students to draw, write, count, tally, graph, compare, and find the shapes. This is great for expanding key math skills.

Geoboard Task Cards

These colorful task cards are great for creating your own math centers. Students chose a card, create the picture and answer the question. Follow-up with one of the worksheets below.

This Geoboard Activity Pack includes a variety of thematic activities and worksheets for Valentine’s Day!! With simple, differentiated learning opportunities, this set will soon become one of your favorite winter resources. Students work on key math, and logic skills while building these fun geo board pictures. This set not only includes geoboard mats, but geoboard task cards, and follow-up worksheets as well.

What’s Included:

For each of the ten Valentine’s Day designs, you’ll receive a variety of different geoboard activities. These activities have been designed to help you provide your students with challenging activities based on ability level.

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