July Preschool Themes: Camping, Picnics and More!

As we head into the middle of summer, let’s go over your summer bucket list! Have you planned out your warm weather picnics and barbecues with friends and family? Or, what about that camping trip you and your kids have been discussing over dinner? There are SO many opportunities this month in July to get moving and have fun with your family!

We’ve listed 5 Themes for the month of July below. What’s wonderful about these themes is two fold. Some of these activities can be actually combined into one weekend. Or, they can be spread over 30 days as their own special occasions. Plus, all of these celebrations can be enjoyed outdoors with your family and/or loved ones.

Summer Picnics and BBQs

These warm and sunny days are the perfect climate for summer picnics and barbeques. Yes, there are a few more bugs and creepy crawlies, but it’s worth the precious time with family.

Planning a picnic can be quite simple — it doesn’t have to be a huge production! Kids are happy just being outdoors. One of your best memories may just be a torrential downpour picnic with kids in their bathing suits. Kids love flying down slides, jumping in puddles or large tubs of rain water! Don’t let weather stop you if it’s going to rain! Except, of course, if it’s calling for thunder and lightening.

Make a list to ensure you got it all covered like: blankets, books, grab and go foods, and thirst quenching drinks. Check the weather, plan a date, and start gathering up supplies. During errands, grab paper plates, cups, and finger food on sale .

Camping Trips

Special memories are made with camping trips in the outdoors. There’s just something spectacular about a cozy fire with hot dogs and smores! Camping trips can be in the backyard or on a campground close or far from home.

Finding a campground including amenities like pools, kids activities, and convenience stores. And, it’s fairly cheap to rent a plot of ground for your tent.

Yet, if its an impromptu camping idea, the backyard is a perfect place to get started! You can buy or borrow a tent, gather some games, and a scavenger hunt. But, don’t forget to write a list of mess free food, blankets and supplies.

Fishing Expeditions

Kids of all ages love to fish! It’s such an exciting moment when your child catches their first fish! Plus, it gives parents a great opportunity to bond, learn how to fish, and build their life skills repertoire.

And, I have a FREE resource you can download and print that allow your child to write what they’ve learned in a fishing journal. Or, you can use fishing copywork pages to give them practice with sentences.

Fourth of July Celebrations

Fourth of July seems to inspire us to think of fireworks, freedom, and family gatherings. Why not use this opportunity to plan a party with red, white, and blue!

In addition, grab all or some of my free Fourth of July printables! Your preschoolers love to learn about the American freedoms we enjoy today. They include a TON of Fourth of July resources such as number worksheets, patriotic coloring pages, patriotic crafts and activities, Fourth of July Lapbook, Star Spangled Banner printables, and more!

July Quest for the Best Ice Cream

This grand idea is guaranteed to bring the entire family together! Each week in the month of a July, pick a night to go on a quest for the best ice cream in your home town! Choose 4 ice cream shops you’ve been wanting to try and come up with a weekly plan of attack. Then, at the end of July, all family members cast their vote for the best ice cream in town and see who wins!

Need some extra fun activities to get the kids excited for the special night? Try this counting and number sequencing ice cream game your preschooler will love!

The special month of July brings out so many precious and cherish memories that will last a lifetime. So, seize this opportunity and get the kids involved in planning July with a ton of activities. And, if inclined, use this list of themes for July to get your creative juices started!

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