Alphabet Letter Crafts

You are going to love these adorable and super cute FREE Alphabet Crafts! Teaching children their alphabet through hands-on art projects and activities is the best way a child learns. These unique letter crafts can be used for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten letter of the week themes. Kids will have a blast practicing their alphabet letters with these easy-to-use activities designed to strengthen fine motor skills.

These innovative letter crafts provide so many benefits to your little ones. Hands-on crafts develop fine motor skills that in turn build confidence in future tasks. From holding the paper to tearing colored paper, your child is strengthening little muscles in his/her hands.  

Printable Alphabet Crafts

These adorable and beautiful keepsake crafts can be printed on colored paper. In addition, teachers can provide colored pencils and scissors.

Letter of the Week Crafts Instructions

If your kids enjoy crafting but you’re a busy mom or teacher, this is perfect for you! All you need is a few staple items including:

Alphabet Printables

Let’s get started! These alphabet printables have easy step-by-step instructions for teachers to help with their students. In addition, a model of how it should appear is included in the upper right-hand corner. Get out your supplies, print these alphabet craft pages, and you’re all ready!

  1. Print out Alphabet Letter Crafts below.

2. Cut out the letter.

3. Tear bits of the colored paper (use colors as indicated in the instructions) and glue around the letter. Trim any outside pieces to ensure the shape of the letter is showing.

4. Cut out the shapes and set aside the eyes. Color the eyes with paint crayons as shown in the image below.

5. Glue eyes and remaining shapes onto the letter as shown in the upper right-hand corner guide.

Preschool Letter Crafts

Below are 26 downloadable and free alphabet craft printables from A to Z! Make sure you print each one in the color you prefer. Enjoy these adorable ABC crafts for your little ones. These hands-on activities will ensure your child remembers all letters of the alphabet in a fun and engaging way!

 Letter A Craft

These amazing and free letter craft worksheets include practice with fine motor and learning how to follow directions.

 Letter B Craft

Our preschool letter crafts are so much fun as kids learn how to cut, assemble, and paste their masterpiece of the letter B.

 Letter C Craft

This preschool letter craft for C is a great way to teach fine motor and following directions skills. Kids simply assemble and paste after cutting their pieces.

 Letter D Craft

Crafts with the Letter D will teach your kids all about letters as they tear colors of paper and place them on their respective alphabet letters.

 Letter E Craft

Our alphabet crafts are simply fun alphabet printables for all the letters of the alphabet. This letter E includes step-by-step instructions on how to create a fun craft.

 Letter F Craft

This craft with the Letter F is easy to download for teachers and fun for students to assemble. Kids will follow directions as they create an adorable letter.

 Letter G Craft

Students will have a blast with these amazing content-filled crafts for the letter G. It’s fun and fabulous for preschoolers and kindergartners!

 Letter H Craft

Our alphabet letter H Craft for preschoolers holds highly engaging exercises to practice fine motor, creativity, and sequential order.

 Letter I Craft

Teach kids all about the ABCs with our extremely effective hands-on craft for the letter I. Letter I contains a ton of fun with our crafty letters.

 Letter J Craft

These amazing LetterJ crafts include preschooler pages of fun. This Jellyfish comes alive when your kids finish their adorable Letter J.

 Letter K Craft

Students love these free letter crafts for letter K. These include help with fine motor, sequential order, and more with our hands-on activities.

 Letter L Craft

Download these alphabet craft pages for the letter L. It’s so much fun to create your very own letter crafts for kids in a hands-on way.

 Letter M Craft

Our preschool alphabet crafts will teach your kids all about letters while they apply colors with paper tearing and gluing their masterpiece together.

 Letter N Craft

Students practice all 26 letters with these fun alphabet letter crafts. Our letter N crafts for preschoolers will help children develop key skills for future growth.

 Letter O Craft

Letter crafts are filled with fun and activities to enjoy as they assemble each letter. This owl is adorable and has many shapes — can you find them all?

 Letter P Craft

Students will have a blast with these amazing content-filled uppercase worksheets representing the letter P. It’s a great way for kids to have fun hands-on.

 Letter Q Craft

Our alphabet letter crafts are engaging with paper tearing activities. Make a Queen with the letter Q in this adorable free craft set.

 Letter R Craft

Teach kids all about the ABCs with our extremely effective alphabet crafts. Letter R is in uppercase will help kids solidify all the alphabet as they make rabbits!

 Letter S Craft

Students practice all 26 letters of the alphabet with these fantastic alphabet crafts. This snake craft represents the letter S but looks like a snake too.

 Letter T Craft

Our Letter T craft will teach your kids key skills using engaging craft creations! This T craft may just be a tree looking at me!

 Letter U Craft

Kids enjoy creativity with our printable ABC crafts. Letter U pages are filled with fun your students will enjoy as they practice their ABCs and get crafty.

 Letter V Craft

Download this alphabet activity for the letter V. Practice These are perfect for in-class activities and learning centers.

 Letter W Craft

These amazing Letter W crafts include dressing up uppercase letters into an adorable object. Kids love to get creative!

 Letter X Craft

Teach kids all about the ABCs with our Letter X crafts. Kids cut out all of the pieces included. This letter X is looking a bit transparent as an X-ray!

Alphabet Printables

 Letter Y Craft

Our Letter Y Craft will teach your kids all about letters while strengthening fine motor skills. Kids can have fun tearing colored paper as they assemble this cute yak!

 Letter Z Craft

Practice all your letters with these fun uppercase alphabet crafts. We’ve got lots of practice with fine motor skills in this hands-on unique activity.

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