Lucky Charms Math Printables

Here at PreschoolMom, we are all about hands-on learning opportunities! We are strong believers that a student’s engagement greatly affects their willingness and ability to learn, and thus their ability to retain new information and build upon prior skills. That’s one of the reasons that the majority of our products feature interactive, hands-on elements. Whether you are teaching math, science, reading or spelling, our resources will provide you with engaging content that is sure to delight your students.

That’s the idea behind our new Lucky Math Activity Pack, which is perfect for some St. Patrick’s Day fun! This set is filled with a variety of math activity pages, games, and worksheets that can be used alongside a colorful box of Lucky Charms (TM)! How fun is that? Here is a look inside:

First of all, did you know that the different marshmallow shapes included in a box of Lucky Charms (TM) are constantly changing! Over the years that have been many different shapes included in this sweet cereal. So, we’ve designed this pack to include 11 different shapes that you might find in your box of cereal…including the NEW Magical Unicorn marshmallow shape! And in case you are wondering, we purchased a BULK bag of Lucky Charms (TM) cereal from Walmart and it included 8 different shapes, all of which are included on the various activities below.

Hands-On Learning with Lucky Charms (TM)

Students who are working on a variety of math skills will enjoy this lucky activity pack. Math skills covered include:

  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Adding
  • Framing
  • Graphing
  • Number Words
  • Patterns

Lucky Charm 10 Frames

Students spin and frame delicious mini-marshmallows until they have filled a ten frame board with colorful charms! Pair this gameboard with a spinner, and if desired a dice to add a little more difficulty. Roll the die, then spin the spinner to see how many of each shape to add to the 10 frame. How many spins will it take to fill the frame?

Sorting & Classifying with Lucky Charms (TM)

This Lucky Charm (TM) sorting mat is perfect for the younger crowd! The mat includes 11 different pictures for students to sort the tasty marshmallows by design. This is a simple way to include your younger students while building key sorting and classifying skills.

Seek & Find Fine Motor Math Activity Mat

Another great activity for younger students is our seek and find shape mat! This mat is filled with a TON of marshmallow fun! Your students can count how many of each design they can find. Alternatively, you can use the mat as a match and cover set where students can place the correct marshmallows on the board. This will build some key fine motor skills with your preschoolers.

Counting & Writing Numbers

This simple worksheet will have your students counting the marshmallows in each cereal bowl, then writing the number in the lines provided. This sheet can be laminated for reuse or printed out for each kiddo. This activity would make a great follow up to the learning center mats above.

Tally Marks & Addition with Lucky Charms (TM)

Students use their SCOOP of Lucky Charms (TM) to report and tally the number of marshmallows they found. Then, students use those numbers to solve simple addition problems represented by symbols. This is a handy activity for teaching children that we can represent numbers in various ways (tally marks, symbols).

Teaching Patterns & Sequencing with Lucky Charms (TM)

Another fun activity for young students is learning to recognize and repeat patterns. We’ve included a variety of pattern sequences in this set, including ABAB, AABB, AAABBB, ABCABC, and ABCD. Each pattern activity card will challenge your student to identify and continue the marshmallow sequence.

Older students will have fun solving these pattern worksheets by placing the correct marshmallow shape to complete the sequence. Students could even color or draw in the shapes as well. This entire math activity pack is very versatile to your teaching needs.

Number Words & Ten Frame Minibook

For your older preschool students, you’ll LOVE this printable minibook. Students will work on coloring, handwriting, number words, and ten frames. You might even break this set up and have students GLUE on their marshmallows to add a 3-D element to their mini-book. Number words are included as a word bank on the first page so your students can work independently.

Graphing with Lucky Charms

Graphing with Lucky Charms (TM) is a classroom favorite for teachers during St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve included two different printable graphs you can use, one in color and one in black and white. Each can be used with any box of Lucky Charms (TM) so that your students can practice sorting and graphing with visual representations.

If you are using this project in a standard classroom setting, you might want to have your kiddos GLUE the charms to the graph and display the results on a classroom bulletin board. Then, take turns sharing and reporting the results. Do students notice any common patterns for each of the shapes found?

Our Lucky Math Activity Pack is filled with a huge variety of hands-on fun for students of multiple ages and abilities. This is a great set to build St. Patrick’s Day math learning centers, and holiday fun. Your students will have a blast with this adorable set, they won’t even know they are learning!

With 18 pages of learning, this set is super low-prep, and available in an instant download. You can find this pack, and more in our Teachers Pay Teachers store! Click here

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