Pond Animal Coloring Pages

Pond Animal Coloring Pages to use with preschool, homeschool, and early elementary students. These animal science printables are a great resource when teaching preschool science and helping students to improve their coloring and fine motor skills. If you like this free printable worksheet set, you’ll love our Alphabet Playdough Mats!

ABC Pond Animals

Our pond animal coloring pages are the perfect animal science printable set! Color the animals to improve fine motor skills, trace the letters, discuss letter sounds, and have students recognize letters as well. You will love our pond animal preschool worksheets when teaching animal science. Teaching about different biomes and habitats? Check out our Australia Animal ABC Worksheets now!

Pond Animal Coloring Pages

Our adorable animal science worksheet set can be used with crayons or colored pencils. Color the pages and bind them together to make a pond life alphabet book. Read the book again and again to create reading fluency or letter and sound fluency and have fun while doing it! Check out even more of our alphabet resources with our Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle.

Color & Learn Pond Life

Want to download all of our A-Z coloring pages at once? Click here to get all of the pages as a bundle!

Pond Animal Preschool Worksheet

A is for American Toad Coloring Page

Animal Science pages with interesting facts and realistic black line coloring pictures.

B is for Beaver Coloring Page

Adorable Beaver coloring page with interesting animal science facts.

C is for Crayfish Coloring Page

Teaching the letter Cc? Use this cute coloring page with interesting science facts!

Pond Animal Preschool Printables

D is for Duck Coloring Page

Teach animal science, biomes and habitats, and more with this printable!

E is for Earthworm Coloring Page

From adorable coloring to interesting science facts, this preschool printable has it all!

F is for Frog Coloring Page

Did you know frogs drink through their skin? Learn this and more with this page!

G is for Great Blue Heron Coloring Page

Make teaching animal science to preschoolers is a breeze with our adorable coloring pages.

H is for Hydrilla Coloring Page

Teach all about the pond habitat and biome with this coloring page.

I is for Invertebrates Coloring Page

An adorable coloring page with interesting science facts, and fine motor opportunities!

J is for Jutta Arctic

Did you know the Tundra also has wetlands? Find out what lives there now!

K is for Kingfisher Coloring Page

These preschool science printables are perfect for teaching about biomes and habitats.

L is for Leech Coloring Page

A-Z coloring pages with pond animal subject matter. Included are interesting science facts.

M is for Muskrat Coloring Page

Do you know how long Muskrats can hold their breath? Find out now!

N is for Newt Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page with excited young learners with cute coloring opportunities!

O is for Otter Coloring Page

Did you know Otters live up to 20 years? Learn more about Otters with this printable!

P is for Pond Snails Coloring Page

Do ponds have snails? Learn all about them with this preschool printable worksheet!

Q is for Queen Bee Coloring Page

A preschool worksheet, full of interesting animal science facts for young learners.

R is for Rat-Tailed Maggot Coloring Page

Learn all about Rat-Tailed Maggots with this engaging preschool worksheet.

S is for Swan Coloring Page

Learn all about the different animals that live in and near the pond!

T is for Turtle Coloring Page

Our cute coloring page includes a handful of interesting preschool science facts.

U is for Upland Goose Coloring Page

Check out our “Uu” printable worksheet with facts about the Upland Goose.

V is for Valisineria Coloring Page

Valisineria has another name. Find out what it is with this coloring worksheet.

W is for Water Snake Coloring Page

Check out all of our interesting science facts with our Water Snake Coloring Page.

X is for Box Turtle Coloring Page

Learn all about the Box Turtle in the pond with this preschool animal science worksheet.

Y is for Yellow Perch Coloring Page

This preschool science printable teaches you about animal science and the pond habitat.

Z is for Zooplankton Coloring Page

Color this pond animal printable that contains a variety of animal science facts.

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