Preschool Math without a Workbook

Preschool should be about learning in a fun way. That’s why you should use hands-on activities whenever possible when teaching math! Not only is preschool math without a workbook more fun, but hands-on learning is a great way to help your preschooler remember important skills. This post describes just 5 simple activities you can try! Use them, and then see what other ideas you can come up with to replace worksheets whenever possible.

Preschool Math Curriculum

Preschool Math without a Workbook

You don’t need a workbook to teach math to your preschooler. There are plenty of hands-on activities you can do to help your preschooler master those important math skills. From counting toys to creating patterns with noodles, these hands-on activities will help you teach preschool math without a workbook. Once you see how simple they are, you will find it easy to come up with your own fun ideas!  Always be sure to supervise your children when learning with small objects.

Counting Toys

If you want to teach your preschooler how to count, get the lesson started with some toys! Start with larger and fewer toys, such as baby dolls or action figures. As your preschooler develops their counting skills, you can start using smaller toys in larger quantities. Your preschooler will love counting sets of favorite toys as they get some fun math practice in.

Sorting Skittles

Teach your preschooler all about sorting using a tasty treat. Pour a bag of skittles on the table and let your preschooler sort them into color groups. After this fun sorting activity is done, your preschooler can have the skittles as a treat! This activity works for many different types of candy, including M&Ms, jelly beans and more!

Noodle Patterns

Your preschooler needs to know how to create and recognize patterns. You can teach this math skill by using different noodles to make patterns! There are different ways you can do this. The first way is to buy different shapes of noodles. Your preschooler can then make a pattern with these different types. You can also dye one type of noodle and let your child make a pattern with different colors.

Caterpillar Number Order

This hands-on math activity can also be an art lesson! Turn an egg carton upside down and have your preschooler paint a pattern on each dome. Then, write the numbers 1-12 on the top and cut it apart. Your preschooler will then have fun putting the pieces in order, building the caterpillar as they learn about number order.

Pattern Necklaces

Give your preschooler a piece of yarn and a cup of beads and let the jewelry-making begin! Your preschooler can practice those important fine motor skills as they thread beads onto the yarn. Encourage your preschooler to make different patterns, from a simple A-B-A-B pattern to one that involves 3 or more colors!

Using hands-on learning for math makes it more fun and exciting. You don’t need to use a workbook to teach important math skills to your preschooler, and as you see from these 5 simple activities, it’s easy to come up with your own engaging activities!

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