African Animal Coloring Pages

FREE African Animal Coloring Pages are preschool printables that contain a variety of African animal worksheets with preschool science and reading standards connected. These animal science pages are great for Toddlers, Preschool, Early Elementary, and Homeschool students. Check out more of our alphabet and science worksheets in our Color & Learn Bundle!

ABC African Animals

This FREE set of African Preschool Worksheets supports and engages young learners in fine motor practice, letter and sound recognition, as well as facts and general science knowledge. Your young learners will enjoy learning about all of the African habitats and biomes that these animals live in while discovering creative coloring opportunities. Want even more alphabet practice? Check out our FREE Letter Tracing Worksheets!

African Animal Preschool Printables

Download these FREE African animal coloring pages for your young learners to create an alphabet booklet, science booklet, or just use for fun coloring and fine motor practice. Preschoolers will love the cute African animals and engaging preschool science facts. Coloring is a breeze when students have crayons or colored pencils and you can even re-use these pages over and over when you laminate and let students color them with dry-erase markers. Check out our FREE Sign Language Printables to level up your student’s alphabet practice!

Color & Learn African Animal

Want all 26 pages in one easy download? Click here to purchase our African Animal Pack now. Free page-by-page downloads are available below.

African Animal Coloring Pages

A is for Aardvark Coloring Page

Learn some fun animal science facts about aardvarks with this African animal coloring page!

B is for Baboon Coloring Page

Want to give your students fun fine motor coloring opportunities? Try this cute Baboon preschool worksheet.

C is for Crocodile Coloring Page

Cute crocodile coloring page with a handful of engaging preschool science facts for young learners.

African Animal Preschool Worksheets

D is for Duiker Coloring Page

Did you know Duikers are ominvores? Learn this and so much more with this engaging preschool science printable.

E is for Elephant Coloring Page

Color, learn about biomes and habitats, and practice letter and sound recognition with this elephant page.

F is for Cape Fox Coloring Page

Teaching preschool animal science is easy and fun with these engaging ABC coloring pages.

G is for Giraffe Coloring Page

Did you know Giraffes are the tallest animal in the world? Color one now with this FREE science worksheet.

H is for Hippopotamus Coloring Page

This cute coloring page is full of interesting science facts that your preschoolers will love.

I is for Impala Coloring Page

This animal science activity page for preschoolers will be sure to amaze and engage your young learners!

J is for Jackal Coloring Page

Above all, young learners will enjoy these alphabet, animal science preschool printable worksheets.

K is for Kob Coloring Page

Animal science coloring pages make the best preschool printables. For instance, create a book!

L is for Lion Coloring Page

Cute coloring pages featuring lions and other African animals are sure to keep the interest of young learners.

M is for Meerkat Coloring Page

FREE “M” printable preschool worksheet includes a Meerkat and fun Meerkat facts.

N is for Nyala Coloring Page

Preschool science and fine motor practice is easy to teach because of this African Nyala coloring page.

O is for Ostrich Coloring Page

Did you know Ostriches are the world’s largest bird? Learn this and more when you download this preschool printable.

P is for Porcupine Coloring Page

This porcupine preschool worksheet features coloring opportunities along with letter and sound recognition.

Q is for Quelea Coloring Page

This African animal coloring page features the Quelea which is a very cute African bird.

R is for Rhinoceros Coloring Page

Teach general science facts and knowledge with this highly engaging alphabet coloring page.

S is for Spotted Hyena Coloring Page

Spotted Hyenas’ eyes are self for the first 5-9 days of their lives. What else can you learn with this FREE printable?

T is for Topi Coloring Page

This fun African animal worksheet has a handful of engaging preschool science facts and fine motor practice.

U is for Ugandan Shrew Coloring Page

Learn all about the animals of Africa with this worksheet containing coloring and science facts.

V is for Vulture Coloring Page

Want to learn about the animals of Africa? Download this FREE preschool science printable now.

W is for Warthog Coloring Page

Did you know Warthog babies are called piglets? Color a warthog and learn all about them now!

X is for Xerus Coloring Page

Want to learn about the African Xerus? Download this FREE African animal coloring page to learn all about it.

Y is for Yellow Mongoose Coloring Page

African animal coloring pages make a great fine motor practice page for young learners.

Z is for Zebra Coloring Page

Did you know Zebra stripes are as unique as fingerprints? Fun facts are available with this FREE download.

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