Butterfly Books for Preschool

Wondering what the best thematic books are for your preschoolers? I’ll share with you one of my favorites — butterflies! Butterflies are such fun insects to explore with your little one. Here are the 10 best butterfly books for preschoolers that include counting, nature’s miracles, and beautiful images!

Teachers and homeschool moms alike will be thrilled with this hand-picked selection of engaging titles. These butterfly books for preschool incorporate important subjects and skills including math, science, and visual discrimination! Your student or child will be able to count, learn about the transformation of a metamorphosis, and enjoy God’s creation.

Using a theme-centered subject in your homeschool or classroom encourages children to make connections and understand patterns. Not only can you incorporate these books below, but there are also many wonderful activities and resources available. Let’s get started with the ultimate list of caterpillar and butterfly books for preschoolers!

Best Butterfly Books for Preschool

Admittedly, any book with Cat and the Hat is a huge hit with any mom! You and your preschooler will love My Oh My- a Butterfly! as a keepsake. Also, it’s a special book about butterflies for preschool. They’ll learn all about the metamorphosis of an egg to the transformation of a butterfly! This book is packed full of fun facts, and teachers will be surprised to learn a thing or two!

Coloring and Math Books about Butterflies for Preschool

While it may seem like a simple book of colors for preschool students, the illustrations are riveting. Plus, your student will learn all about the type of insects and even get a little pop up surprise at the end! Grab this easy to follow find if your looking for books about butterflies for preschool.

Butterfly Colors and Counting is a great tool to use for teaching numbers 1 through 10. Plus, they’ll be delighted to learn the colors of the rainbow. concept book for the smallest butterfly lovers. While the book covers simple terms and numbers, your young butterfly reader will also discover a new species of butterflies!

All About Caterpillar and Butterfly Books for Preschoolers

The In the Butterfly Garden is not your typical pop up book! You and your preschooler will be amazed with the intricate details of the beautiful butterflies! And, along the way you’ll see insects hiding while inchworms make their way chomping on leaves. And, of course, the magnificent journey from a cocoon to butterfly is always an astonishing story.

National Geographic is well known for its vivid, breath taking images and this book doesn’t disappoint. The text is simple, yet comprehensive for young students. And, it’s even quite factual for any budding scientist. You’ll especially love the fun and challenging riddles throughout the book Caterpillar to Butterfly as well.

The I Am a Butterfly book is a great read aloud that captivates the beauty and amazing transformation of a Monarch butterfly! You’ll find a list of fascinating and informative butterfly facts including life cycle and butterfly types. Plus, we learn how to help the Monarch’s blight to the endangered species list.

A Butterfly is Patient is another beautifully illustrated and detailed nature book that’s perfect as a read aloud. With written and cursive words, each pages includes factual statements. In addition, you’ll find plenty of art, including explicit drawings and watercolor type illustrations.

Story Telling Butterfly Books for Preschool

Grab this adorable tale of Hurry and the Monarch! It will keep your preschoolers intrigued and even amazed about the fascinating migration of butterflies! And, it holds value for everyone as a read aloud for young children, a great early reader, and a ton of info for parents. Hint, it might even be a tear-jerker!

The delightful fictional story of Bob and Otto is about two best friends doing everything together as squiggly insects. The creepy crawlies eat leaves, dig, and love playing in the dirt. Yet, one day, Bob does something unimaginable. He has grown wings while Otto is still the same worm! This is a sweet and funny story about friendship and how their differences make them special.

The comprehensive preschool book list is complete with Eric Carle classics! Don’t miss this best seller of growing list of caterpillar and butterfly books for preschoolers.

While the illustrations are eye catching and colors are vivid, the sturdy board book pages are perfect for small hands. Teachers and homeschoolers everywhere, add The Very Hungry Caterpillar to your collection. The handy book is great for learning colors, fruits, foods and even counting!

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