The Best Free Butterfly Worksheets for Preschoolers

The amazing butterfly is a wonderful teaching tool to use for a thematic approach during any season. There are so many great butterfly activities for the preschool age online. However, I’m going to share with the best FREE butterfly worksheets for preschoolers!

Kids love butterflies — their movements and beauty can keep them entertained and laughing for hours! That’s why these butterfly worksheets are the perfect fit for young children. They can learn much about their shape and parts alone with these valuable butterfly resources.

You’ll find a ton of free educational resources below including symmetrical butterfly worksheets, butterfly math worksheets, butterfly tracing worksheets, and even a butterfly matching game! All of these printables are easy to obtain with a click of a button. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best butterfly materials for you and your preschooler!

Symmetrical Butterfly Worksheets

During the preschool age, kids are ready to understand symmetry. It not only builds their learning skills, it also helps children develop the ability to observe and identify patterns. Three important subjects use symmetrical recognition: math, reading, and art.

These free butterfly worksheets below allow your student or child to develop these essential skills easily! Not only will your child enjoy seeing these eye opening patterns, they’ll also love their own creation.

Butterfly Math Worksheets

Young children have a natural sense of organizing and sorting through play. Yet, it’s also a huge benefit to be intentional about their math skills.  Take advantage of these free butterfly math worksheets for developing counting and number readiness.

With these free math butterfly worksheets linked below, your student will gain confidence in learning how to count, subtract, and even sort using these incredibly easy printables!

For an extra treat, try using your own manipulatives like erasers, coins, or M & M’s. You’ll be amazed how fast they can get their butterfly math worksheets done when M & M’s are involved!

Butterfly Tracing Worksheets

Giving your student opportunities to trace has so many benefits. It teaches them how to draw, independence, and understand the concept of drawing. Tracing also bridges the gap between a simple straight or round line to curves, bends, and zig zag patterns.   

That’s why these Butterfly Dot to Dot Worksheets are so important to use in educating your preschooler! They make connections, build their writing skills, and gain creativity with these wonderful math tools!

These worksheets will also give your child practice with fine motor skills using the alphabet and tracing lines. These writing worksheets will give your child more practice with their upper case and lower case alphabet tracing!

Butterfly Matching Game

Need some help teaching your preschoolers on how to identify colors? This easy and less mess butterfly matching activity allows your child to learn their colors with just a few steps.

Simply print out the FREE Butterfly Matching Game printable. Then, paste the butterfly worksheet on a file folder. You’ll need to grab some scissors, cut, and that’s it! Your child is now ready to match the butterfly to the correct flower — easy peasy!

With all of these free and valuable butterfly activities for preschoolers, you’ll keep your child or classroom busy and engaged. At this young age, it’s all about learning and having fun at the same time!

Butterfly Math Worksheets: Addition

This fun and free butterfly preschool printable will teach your child addition math facts.

Butterfly Math Worksheet: Count and Write

This free butterfly math sheet will teach your preschool child counting and numbers in just a few minutes!

Butterfly Math Worksheet: Addition Facts using Dots

Download this free butterfly math printable for preschoolers learning their addition math facts!

Butterfly Math Worksheet: Subtraction Mat

Teach your preschooler subtraction math the easy way using the beautiful butterfly shape!

Butterfly Tracing Worksheet: Lower Case

This preschool butterfly printable is perfect for tracing lower case alphabet letters and practice tracing lines.

Butterfly Tracing Worksheet: Upper Case

Your preschool student will love this free and fun butterfly alphabet printable for help tracing alphabet letters in uppercase and tracing lines.

Symmetrical Butterfly Worksheet

This free butterfly printable teaches preschool students how to identify symmetry patterns.

Butterfly Worksheet: Symmetrical Patterns

Teach your child all about a butterfly’s symmetric patterns using this free butterfly preschool printable.

Butterflies Worksheet: More Symmetry Patterns

Download this free preschool butterfly activity for teaching young ones all about symmetry patterns.

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