Marshmallow Math Activity Mats

Free Printable Winter Math Games

Learning one-to-one counting is an important math skill your preschooler can learn. It’s important not only to be able to count on fingers but to be able to count objects and to recognize that written numbers represent a set amount of objects. This free printable Marshmallow Counting game is a fun way to work on counting skills while adding some hands-on fun! Don’t worry, if you’re not keen on providing your student with a handful of marshmallows we offer some fun alternatives as well.

Winter Math Activities

This free winter counting game comes with 20 counting mats that are numbered 1-20. Each page features an extra-large cup of hot cocoa, for your student to fill with marshmallows. The instructions on top of each page tells you how many marshmallows to put in the mug, with a visual representation for students not yet recognizing written numbers. If you don’t have any marshmallows your child can use play dough, pom poms or any small item.

Counting Math Games

This counting Christmas game is perfect for the holidays when you need a quick activity to pull out of the cupboard for your child to keep busy with. You might even have them play the game with cinnamon red-hots, candy canes, or peppermints….even small white LEGO’s (TM) would work….whatever you have on hand.

Hot Cocoa Playdough Mats

We recommend printing this set on cardstock, or at least placing them in page protectors. You might even use the set with a Number of the Week program that progressively builds through the year.

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