Community Helpers Preschool Activities

Learning about community helpers in your preschool classroom is a great opportunity to provide your students with fun social studies lessons. Students love to learn all about the different community helpers in their neighborhood, and this sorting game is sure to be a hit in your preschool classroom.

There are a variety of different community helpers you can study including Doctor, Nurse, Firefighter, Librarian, Grocery Clerk, MailCarrier, Veterinarian, Trash Collector, Police and more!. We recommend you print these mats on cardstock and laminate for durability.

For each community helper there are 12 corresponding sorting cards that match each board. Students decide which tools and equipment go with each community helper. For example, a piece of mail, a stamp, and a cardboard box would go with the mail carrier mat.

With 10 community helpers and 12 sorting cards each, your students will be sorting through 120 different cards. You’ll definitely want to laminate the cards for durability as this game will get a TON of use in your preschool classroom.

You could even use velcro dots so that the sorting cards stick to each mat. Store the mats in a learning binder and children can flip back and forth from page to page as they sort. These would be fantastic for homeschooling or teaching special needs students.

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