Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages are the perfect coloring and fine motor practice pages for your preschool-age students. These Dinosaur Preschool Worksheets engage young learners in Preschool Science and Animal Science exploration. Biomes and Habitats are other topics your young learners will experience while using these Dinosaur Animal Printables. To continue learning about letters, check out our Alphabet Curriculum Notebook!

ABC Dinosaur

Our free Dinosaur Animal Printables are a great tool to use when teaching preschool science. Each of the 26 pages contains capital and lowercase letter examples, a dinosaur name and picture to color, as well as a few interesting facts about the specific dinosaur species. This would be a great tool for young learners to create an alphabet book, science book, or just use the Dinosaur Coloring Pages for a fun fine motor practice activity.

Dinosaur Preschool Printables

To complete these Dinosaur Preschool Worksheets, your student(s) will need crayons, colored pencils, or markers. These printables are great for creating a dinosaur alphabet book or as an extension of letter practice and letter recognition. Preschool students will learn so much about Dinosaur Animal Science through the fun facts on each of the free pages.

Color & Learn Dinosaurs

Print all 26 Dinosaur Coloring Pages now! This set is available for sale in our TPT store. Below you will find the individual pages to print for free.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

A is for Ankylosaurus Coloring Page

Teaching Preschool Science just got a lot more fun with these Dinosaur Coloring Pages!

B is for Brachiosaurus Coloring Page

Our FREE Alphabet Printables are the perfect resource to engage young learners in letter and sound recognition.

C is for Chasmosaurus Coloring Page

Did you know Chasmosaurus means “opening lizard”? You will learn this and many other interesting science facts with these alphabet coloring printables.

Dinosaur Preschool Worksheets

D is for Diplodocus Coloring Page

Our FREE Dinosaur Coloring Worksheets are the perfect addition to your young learner’s fine motor skill practice.

E is for Elasmosaurus Coloring Page

“E” is for Elasmosaurus. 26 FREE dinosaur worksheets to color, complete letter, and sound recognition, as well as learn interesting facts.

F is for Fukuirpator Coloring Page

These cute dinosaur animal coloring pages are great to teach science facts and general knowledge.

G is for Giraffatitan Coloring Page

Biomes and Habitats are easyily taught paired with our cute, interesting Dinosaur Coloring Printables.

H is for Hypsilophodon Coloring Page

Looking for Dinosaur Coloring Printables your preschooler will love? Enjoy these FREE worksheets now!

I is for Irritator Coloring Page

Alphabet practice is fun and engaging with our FREE dinosaur coloring worksheets.

J is for Janenschia Coloring Page

Incorporate these cute Dinosaur Printables into your next animal science or alphabet unit!

K is for Kentrosaurus Coloring Page

FREE coloring worksheets to create an alphabet book are easy with these Dinosaur Animal Printables.

L is for Leptoceratops Coloring Page

Did you know Leptoceratops was a herbivore? You’ll learn this and so much more with these FREE Dinosaur Worksheets.

M is for Mussaurus Coloring Page

A-Z for FREE! Our Dinosaur Coloring Pages have it all!

N is for Nodosaurus Coloring Page

Our FREE 26-page Dinosaur Preschool Worksheets are a wonderful addition to your homeschool or preschool classroom.

O is for Oviraptor Coloring Page

“Oviraptors were known as egg thieves.” Learn even more fun facts about a variety of dinosaurs with our Color and Learn printables.

P is for Parasauolophus Coloring Page

Did you know “Parasaulophus weighed 3.5 tons?” Learn this and more with this FREE Dinosaur Alphabet Worksheet.

Q is for Quaesitosaurus Coloring Page

These FREE alphabet coloring worksheets are perfect for a preschool-age student learning letters and sounds.

R is for Rebbachisaurus Coloring Page

Our engaging Dinosaur Letter Worksheets are a fun resource for young learners to learn about biomes and habitats.

S is for Stegosaurus Coloring Page

Alphabet Animal Printables keep students engaged in alphabet practice with the use of fun dinosaur coloring opportunities and interesting dinosaur facts.

T is for Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Page

Did you know “TREX means “Tyrant Lizard?”” This letter “T” Dinosaur Printable is FREE and educational!

U is for Ultrasaurus Coloring Page

Our engaging Animal Science Printables will help preschoolers learn general science knowledge with a handful of interesting facts.

V is for Velociraptor Coloring Page

Did Velociraptors have feathers? Find out with this FREE Alphabet Dinosaur Printable.

W is for Wuerhosaurus Coloring Page

Our FREE Dinosaur Coloring Pages are engaging and interesting for preschool students.

X is for Xenoceratops Coloring Page

Your young learners will engage in fine motor practice, animal science facts, and experience preschool science standards with these FREE Dinosaur Animal Worksheets.

Y is for Yehuecauhceratops Coloring Page

Our cute Dinosaur Alphabet Printables will support student letter and sound recognition while also engaging learners in fine motor coloring practice.

Z is for Zuniceratops Coloring Page

Did you know “Zuniceratops is from Asia?” Learn this and much more with our FREE Dinosaur Alphabet Worksheets.

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