Fruit & Veggie Bingo Game

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Learning about healthy fruits and vegetables is something that your preschool student will have fun with. Students discover the difference between different fruits and veggies while playing this colorful matching game. The health-focused game includes, 4 separate food mats for children to sort the cards on. These games are perfect for young preschool children at home or in school. Learn about fruits and vegetables during your health unit, or even your Farm life unit.

Healthy Food Interactive Game

This free Fruits & Veggies Lotto Game includes 4 bright and colorful healthy food mats with duplicate matching cards for each one. Each mat features different fruits and vegetables for children to identify and match.

Printable Bingo Game Assembly:

Print the boards and picture tiles on cardstock. If desired, laminate for durability. Cut out each game board as ONE PIECE. Cut apart each picture tile. You should have four game boards and 24 picture tiles when you finish.

How to Play Fruits & Veggies Lotto Game:

This game can be played with 2-4 players. Each player should choose a board and find the tiles that match his or her board. Turn those tiles over and mix them up. The first player should draw a picture tile from the pile. If the picture matches the player’s board, the player keeps the tile and puts it on his board. If it does not match, the player puts it back into the pile. The next player gets a turn. The game is continued in this way until one player has found all six of his or her tiles and wins the game.

Fun Food Sorting

This set can easily be a “Busy Bag” for your preschool students. Simply store the game in a small plastic bag, and keep with your learning activities. Learning about fruits and vegetables is an important part of your child’s development. After completing this interactive lotto game see if students can sort fruits & vegetables in your own home. Then try classifying the objects in another way; by size or color for example. This is a great way to extend the learning and add in a little math!

Fruit & Vegetables Matching Game

Print this free preschool matching game! Laminate one set of boards and cut apart the playing pieces.

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