Monster Teeth Math Mat

Counting Math Mats

Are you planning out a Monster Preschool Theme for your classroom? Then this is an activity you’ll want to add to your line-up! Not only does it have a silly toothless monster, but it gives students an opportunity to put some of that Halloween candy to an educational use!

Addition Math Mats

Candy corn makes the perfect math manipulative for these silly monster mats! Each candy corn represents a single tooth for the monster’s mouth, and the roll of the dice determines how many “teeth” children add to the mat. This game can be played with a single die for students working on counting skills, or two dice for students working on addition skills.

Subtraction Math Mats

You could even adapt this mat to work on subtraction skills if you have students start out filling the monster’s mouth with ten teeth. Then rolling the dice and subtracting the rolled amount. Just be sure to let your students “sample” some of those monster teeth

Monster Dice Mat

Print this free monster dice mat to play with your students today! Laminate or store in a page protector for reuse.

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  • Renni Decker Reply

    I think you recommended a book to go along with monster math. Would you mind sending that to me?

    October 5, 2021 at 8:47 am

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