August Preschool Themes

Our August Themes for Preschoolers always include Printables, Worksheets, Activities, and much more to keep your kids busy and learning all day. If you are thinking about Summer Preschool Lessons, check out all of our free summer ideas below.

The month of August reminds us of hot and sweaty days for active kids. It’s also a time to find exciting activities as we wind down the summer season. You’ll find a ton of free August Preschool Themes that include engaging and winding down activities.

  • Camping
  • Transportation
  • Dinosaurs
  • Community Helpers

Camping Preschool Printables

Camping is a great way to get out in nature and spend time with loved ones. The fresh air and activity are great for all in the family. Whether you are visiting a park, the zoo, or a local trail you can always consider setting up a campsite.

Transportation Preschool Printables

As busy moms, we’re always looking for easy ways to make our day a little less stressful and enjoy summertime! With these free and practical resources, you can encourage your super active kids with our Transportation Preschool Resources.

Dinosaurs Preschool Printables

All children are fascinated with dinosaurs! If you are looking for preschool resources such as writing, counting, patterns, colors, and sorting and classifying, you’ve come to the right place! These printable resources are perfect for your learning centers in the classroom. 

Community Helpers Preschool Printables

Our community worker printables are designed to help children learn social skills and different jobs in their community. These resources include Loving Your Neighbor and Being a Good Citizen lesson using emotions like compassion, kindness, and love.

August Preschool Themes

Here are some more exciting August Preschool Theme ideas you can implement in your homeschool or classroom. Kids love all of these summer themes and will have a ton of fun creating their own little artwork masterpieces and keepsakes.

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